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Spirit Oppression 101

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*Please Read*


It is very helpful to read this brief intro before proceeding. It makes the following sections much more understandable.

Understanding the Storm


There is a storm of issues and problems raging about us all. It's time we all understood the nature of this malicious tempest

Emotional Oppression


Evil spirits regularly use worry, regret, fear, anger or any other destructive emotional states, to bind up and control their victims.

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The Prime

There two primary targets upon which Satan and his followers are focused. Find out why they are of such strategic importance.

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The Science of Temptation

The concept of being tempted is a vague teaching within Christianity. It's time we learn  the mechanics of temptation.

Mental and Physical
Spirit Oppression

We often find demonic spirits taking credit for issues such as OCD, eating and sleep disorders, and even physical disease.

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Christ, Christians & Spirit Oppression


Most Christians today do not believe that Satan exists. Learn what Jesus taught about spirit oppression and Satan's power.

The Human
Spirit Factor


The Bible teaches of a spirit prison. Learn about this earthbound state of bondage awaiting many after death.

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The Inhuman Demonic Factor


Knowing the motivations behind the hoards of demons that are sent against us is an essential  key to overcoming them.

Becoming Aware


Vigilance is critical in combating demonic approaches. We must stay aware of their tactics and patterns within our daily lives.

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The ESAT Process Explained

Learn about an exciting work that can not only identify but eliminate demonic control within the lives of faithful Christians.

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The Details


Return to the Details page to learn more concerning spirit oppression and the weapons that can be used to overcome it

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