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The ESAT Session Explained - Part 2

In the first half of this article "The ESAT Session Explained - Part 1", we explored the power of the ESAT session as a surgical tool in identifying and removing the spiritual cancer better known as oppressing demonic influence. We were introduced to Lara and learn the details of her real life ESAT session. In the session there was found a dark spirit orchestrating obsessive behaviors such as workaholism, manipulating her self worth and that was deeply involved in the raising of her children.


In a subsequent session we find another  dark spirit with Lara that was not only meddling in her personal relationships, but who had set up shop operating a dark dating service.

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The following is a portion of that session transcript:


RANDY: How are you influencing her.


SPIRIT: Her men.


RANDY: Explain that to me... her men?


SPIRIT: I set her up.


RANDY: How do you set her up.


SPIRIT: I bring her men.


RANDY: You bring her men? How do you do that?


SPIRIT: I know them.


RANDY: Because you've worked with these men?




RANDY: And what do you do? Prompt them to come and approach her?




RANDY: What do you tell them? What do you prompt them to do with her?


SPIRIT: Date her.


RANDY: And if a connection is made and these men try to have a relationship with her;  what do you do?


SPIRIT: She's hard! I bring her men...


RANDY: But she doesn't always fall for it.




RANDY: Has she ever fallen for it?


SPIRIT: One time.


RANDY: Who was that man?


SPIRIT: I brought her Ken.


RANDY: Her second husband?




RANDY: The stalker? The guy who's in jail?




RANDY: So once you brought her Ken; what did you motivate him to do?


SPIRIT: Break her down! Weaken her.


RANDY: Anything else?


SPIRIT: Keep her small.


RANDY: Intimidate her? Attack her self-esteem?




RANDY: Is that it?


SPIRIT: To hurt her.


RANDY: Emotionally?




RANDY: He didn't hurt her physically; did he?




RANDY: So you would prompt him to strike her?


SPIRIT: Grab her! Scare her!


RANDY: You would prompt him to grab her and intimidate her?




RANDY: And you have been trying to get other men to approach her as well?




RANDY: Anyone of note that she knows?


SPIRIT: David... Rick... Jacob…


RANDY: Ok. Are there more?


SPIRIT: Yes. There's more.


RANDY: Who else?




RANDY: Tell me about Cory.


SPIRIT: He's so weak!


RANDY: In what way is he weak?


SPIRIT: He just wants sex... so he's easy.


RANDY: Easy for you to control.


SPIRIT: Yes. He's easy.


RANDY: So it's easy to get him to make advances towards her?




RANDY: These other guy's, are they pretty much sex motivated as well?




RANDY: Who's the greatest threat?


SPIRIT: David!


RANDY: So you bring men in and then once there in, you move over to them and prompt them to act in a certain fashion toward her?




RANDY: Would you like her to marry one of them again?




 Perhaps you or someone you know feels like they are unlucky in love. No matter what you do, you always pick the wrong person when it comes to your romantic life. Well perhaps, like Lara, most of the choices are being made for you. Relationships can be the source of great happiness. They can also be the source of extreme misery and personal destruction. This is something of which dark spirits are keenly aware.  These spirits desire as much control of our lives as they can seize. If they can get us to enter a long term relationship with the person of their choosing, they not only gain control but they win direct "in-your-face" influence for years within our lives.


During our conversation, I found that this evil little cupid was not only interfering in her love life but he also had his figurative fingers in most of her relationships. He went on to tell us that he had caused fights and contentions between Lara and her sister and other family members, some of which lasted for years.


In another session we conversed with a dark spirit that was in charge of a group of ten spirits with Lara. This entity had an even more sinister, possibly fatal mission. The following is a portion of that dialogue:


RANDY: What is your assignment?


SPIRIT: Kill her!


RANDY: Death... and how have you been trying to kill her?


SPIRIT: Illness


RANDY: What sort of illnesses are you trying to inspire within her?


SPIRIT: I cause great illness.


RANDY: Have you had any success?


SPIRIT: Who's measuring it?


RANDY: By your measure; have you had any success?




RANDY: By any measure; have you gained any ground?




RANDY: Tell me what you have caused within her and where it's located.


SPIRIT: Distress


RANDY: Distress? So you've caused emotional stress and distress?




RANDY: What kind of distress? Surrounding what?


SPIRIT: Body aches.


RANDY: You're causing physical pain? Where are you causing these pains?


SPIRIT: In her hips... her head... her neck... her shoulders... and her feet.


RANDY: Is that it?




RANDY: And you're causing these pains for what reason? What do you hope to get out of it?


SPIRIT: I want her.


RANDY: What do you mean by that?


SPIRIT: I want to slow her down.


While I do not want everyone that has aches and pains to believe that the cause is a dark spiritual assassin, in Lara's case, these chronic aches were as a result of a spiritual influence that was working the beginnings of some sort of disease or condition. This type of spirit is very dangerous. While he had not yet been successful at his stated objective, if left to continue his malicious works, he would most likely have caused Lara to meet with an early demise. As the conversation continues, I explore his motivations concerning Lara's possible death:


RANDY: So the overall goal with this woman is to overwhelm her, slow her down, cause her to have a breakdown and become depressed; so that you can do what?


SPIRIT: She's one of us then.


RANDY: What?


SPIRIT: I want her like me.


RANDY: How will she be like you?


SPIRIT: I'm cold.


RANDY: You want her to be cold like you?




RANDY: What else do you want?


SPIRIT: I want her light.


RANDY: What will you do with her light?


SPIRIT: She could help me.


RANDY: Help you do what?


SPIRIT: I want more to come to me.


RANDY: More humans?




RANDY: Have you had a lot of humans come to you?


SPIRIT: Yes. Many.


RANDY: And when they come to you; what do you do with them?


SPIRIT: I don't know... I just bring them to a place.


RANDY: You turn them over to other dark spirits; don't you?




RANDY: You don't get to keep them.


I never get use to hearing stories like this during these sessions. Even to this day it still sends a cold chill up my spine. This spirit was sent not only to try to kill Lara, but to keep her soul earthbound at the point of death. He was then required to turn her over to other dark spirits that would place her into captivity and servitude, most likely using her against the living. Even though he was not allowed to keep his spoils, he seemed very aware of the power of Lara's "light" or soul. He coveted its ability to be used to deceive and control other human-beings in life and in death.


 This  was an extremely dangerous spirit. There's no telling how many humans he had literally killed and then dragged into spiritual slavery over the years. I'm just thankful that we eliminated him from Lara's life and put an end to his evil works once and for all. Next we discussed the other nine spirits that were found with this dark influence:


 RANDY: Tell me about these other nine dark spirits I have bound. What are they doing to her?


SPIRIT: They break her down.


RANDY: What else?


SPIRIT: Keep her down... depressed. They're telling her she's not good enough. We're telling her she's worthless.


RANDY: Somebody has been causing an itching in her ears, her face, her mouth; who's doing that?




RANDY: When and why do you do that?


SPIRIT: To keep her from her family and to keep her small.


RANDY: Tell me about making her small. In what way do you make her small?


SPIRIT: She stays in... she doesn't go with her friends.


RANDY: Are you talking about her self image.


SPIRIT: Yes. Her self image... her ego.


RANDY: And you make her stay in sometimes?


SPIRIT: I make her afraid of men.


RANDY: You want her to be afraid of men? Why? What's to be accomplished.


SPIRIT: My job is to keep her from happiness.


RANDY: And keeping her afraid of men will accomplish this how?


SPIRIT: She'll be alone.


RANDY: You want her alone?




These nine spirits were there to support the goals of this spirit of death.  They were there to tear Lara down day and night. In addition to driving her to prove them wrong through obsessive pursuits in work and other areas of her life, she would fight periodic bouts with depression and self-isolation as a result.  Once the entities we found earlier had accomplished their objective of completely wearing her out, these spirits were most certainly there to finish Lara off. Their plan was to separate her from the loving support of family and friends.


Next, after she had failed at another one or two relationships, relationships which  these dark spirits had set up, she would then be convinced that all men were bad and that none could be trusted. The real objective would then be easily obtainable… she would be alone. Weakened, depressed and alone, this grim reaper could more easily succeed at the development of physical conditions and disease, and the prospects for encouraging her to take her own life would increase dramatically. Of course their main goal was well stated by this spirit of death when he said, "My job is to keep her from happiness." We have found that this is the main goal of all dark spirits. This in fact could be considered their creed or motto. They are dedicated to the destruction of hope and happiness for all living human beings.


After I had moved these spirits off of Lara, I spoke a blessing over her and then brought the session to an end.  She told of visuals that she had during the session. She saw and felt spiritual energies coming and going.  She saw angels moving, not only spirits off of her, but negative things such as anger. As she recounted her experience she stopped and looked at the floor for a few moments and then she quickly looked up and exclaimed, "I feel like my head is quiet… oh my gosh, so quiet!" She explained that she had suffered from a running mind almost her entire life, but now in an instant there was peace.


When she stood up, she asked me if she looked taller. That's right, she was certain that she had grown in stature during the session. While I suppose I would have needed to measure her to be certain,  I assured her that she didn't appear any taller to me. I've heard this claim occasionally in the past at the completion of this work. While it is most certainly a result of feeling the literal oppressive burden of spiritual darkness being lifted from a person, I believe that it is also a sense of beginning to reclaim ones birth right as a strong and noble child of God.


While the stories of Lara's experiences were wonderful and amazing, one of the last things she said that evening made the greatest impression. As she was leaving she said, "I feel clean."


During the course of our sessions we discovered and cleansed from Lara's life 18  demonic non-human spirits and 4 human spirits. As you can see, the ESAT process identified and addressed all of Lara's stated issues and concerns. But did the process effectively remedy her complaints?


I have not kept in contact with Lara over the years, but a few weeks after our last session I was told that her life had incredibly become more peaceful and balanced. She was getting better at managing work and family and even her aches and pains had eased. Lara had won her life back and for the first time in decades, she had real, tangible hope for the future.


Of those that take to the process, I would classify Lara's sessions as average to above average as these sessions go. Some are even more dynamic while others are less. I have shared Lara's experience here with you, so that you can understand how the ESAT process unfolds for the average patron of this work. I refer to those who commit to this program as "patrons". Most are people who dedicate time and resources to personal success within the program. They believe in it and continually strive to live in a fashion that will protect and maintain their blessing of healing and wholeness.


Bad Turn


Over the years as I exposed more and more people to the ESAT process, I started becoming known for it almost exclusively. It was so effective with so many people that I became known as "the guy who takes spirits off of people." I would receive referrals from past patrons. They would tell their friends about their experiences and assure them that if they would come and see me, I could magically fix their problems. This is the point at which my work took a bad turn.


While I continued to try to give blessings and do healing work, most were only interested in ESAT sessions. Even though I knew that the priority was helping others make a better connection with God and his love, everyone's focus seemed to be exclusively upon  the ESAT process. And while I would advise those with whom I worked to start making changes in their lives and turn their focus toward God, many seemed to ignore my counsel and treated the ESAT process like a quick fix. I then began to see a concerning trend in some of those people. Some returned to me after a few months, complaining that their issues had reappeared and in a few instances some insisted that they were worst. While I was discouraged by this development, I soon realized why this was happening.


In every case, those that experienced relapse had one thing in common. After our sessions were complete and their spiritual houses were in order, they got right to work inviting these influences back into their lives. They did not make changes in their behaviors, their associates and the activities that were empowering these dark spirits in their lives.  When I did follow-up ESAT sessions with these folks, I found new spirits oppressing them. It was as if an new evil crew or shift had been brought in with the necessary training to pull all of the old strings.  What was even more disturbing was that in most cases I found a greater number of spirits oppressing them, more than had been originally encountered.


This made me think of the instance in the temple in which Jesus told the man who he had healed: "Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee."


In no way am I saying that a person must live a perfect life at the completion of our sessions, but these folks didn't even try. Perhaps they had good intentions but the commitment just wasn't there. Most just wanted the problems to go away, but they had little interest in working to keep them away. There must be a commitment to change for the changes to be expected to last. There must be a desire to close the holes in our lives through which these rats come and go. We will make mistakes and at times we will flat out fail, but we must be willing to stand back up, recommit and go after it again.


And why did things get worst for these folks? I have a simple explanation. It's not because God was cursing them. It is just the opposite. In my experience these evil demonic spirits are mean, angry and most importantly VENGEFUL. No one can hold a grudge like these spirits. In their minds if you have gone through the ESAT process, you have defied them. You have broken free from them. How dare you. So if you don't take the process seriously and you willingly deliver yourself back into their hands, they will happily receive you. But remember, they will make you pay a price. Their anger at your disrespect for them must be appeased, hence your last spiritual state is worst than the first.


After this happened I had to make a change. I knew what my true calling was. My calling from God is not to give blessings or remove spirits or even hand out advice. These are just tools given by God to accomplish my purpose. I'm not "the guy who removes spirits." That is not my calling.  My real calling as I continue to hear it over and over every day of my life is to be a support to others in helping them make a better connection with God's love and light,  and His healing and guiding spirit.


While there were still those who followed my counsel and took the work and their healing seriously, I decided to take a break from the work and search out the answer to this troubling  issue.  I have always taken this work and the safety and wellbeing of my patrons very seriously. It's a top priority. Whenever we have encountered a spirit in a session claiming to be an angelic figure or ministering spirit, I have always operated under the admonition taught in the 1st book of John 4:4 to believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God.


Actual angels don't mind being tested and they understand the need, but dark spirits don't endure it so well and eventually they will reveal their true nature. We have proceeded down every new road in this work, prayerfully and carefully, and at crossroads like this  I have always stopped and spent time pondering, praying upon, and discerning the way in which we should proceed.


As I prayed upon this challenge eventually the answer entered my heart. My intentions had been good. My desire was to help as many as were willing to try the work. Unfortunately this was the wrong approach. I really had a great desire to help people, to alleviate their difficulties and their suffering. The ESAT process was a powerful tool and I wanted to bless anyone that would listen or that had any interest in its results. I wanted to prove myself and the validity of my work to them. I wanted to please them... and this is where I went wrong.


The truth is I had it all backwards. I was not there to prove anything to anyone. I was there to serve God. The miracles that I had seen through the blessings and the ESAT process were due to His good grace and His power and authority, not my own. I was there to please Him and to fulfill His purposes.


Now instead of working with anyone that is interested or willing, I search out those that are ready to make a change. Those that are sick of cooperating with darkness and have a desire to work toward overcoming it's toxic influence in their lives once and for all. Of course if someone is suffering and needs help, I am happy to give them a blessing and to pray for them and lend as much comfort as I can. But when it comes to the ESAT process and challenging dark spiritual influence, I am looking for those who are ready to make a personal commitment to God and their own miracle of spiritual healing.


Unfortunately my time is limited. In addition to this work I am a stay at home dad raising three little boys, leaving me only evenings and some weekends to meet with those that are in need. So I now try to honor God and the gifts that He has given me by  using them more wisely.



Is the ESAT process a cure-all? Will it fix all of your spiritual issues all at once? Unfortunately… or rather fortunately the answer to these questions is no. There does not exist a spiritual process that can or will accomplish this. Some of our issues appear to be necessary in order to help us personally grow. The apostle Paul explained in vivid detail the need for a certain level of spiritual resistance. In 2nd Corinthians 12 :7-10 he writes:


And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.


For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.


And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.


Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.


Paul is clearly describing his struggles with some type of spirit oppression. Because of the reference to a thorn in his flesh, some biblical scholars believe that he was describing some kind of physical disability. Whether it was a physical or emotional issue, I believe that this reference is much like a person saying that something or someone is a "thorn in my side", an allusion to something that torments or tortures. His continuing description of this issue as "the messenger of Satan" that was sent "to buffet" him further clarifies its meaning. To buffet means to strike against or push repeatedly, to contend against or battle, to force one's way by a fight or struggle. Additionally, the reference to it as a messenger tells us that whatever it was, it was there to repeatedly communicate destructive messages to the apostle.  


Whether it was a character flaw, an internal battle or a physical issue that plagued Paul, it's clear that it was as a result of oppressing dark spiritual influence. After Paul repeatedly petitions God to relieve him of this burden, he receives an interesting reply.  Instead of satisfying Paul 's request, Father taught him that there can be found in weakness great power. Father reassured Paul that his grace or rather his favor, power and loving assistance could in time overcome anything. He seemed to be teaching Paul that at times the weaknesses that are created as a result of life's difficulties and challenges, often caused by oppressing spirits, can be used to turn personal failings into strengths.


A need for God's presence can create a desire to connect with Him and to tackle bad habit's and character traits. So the ESAT process is there to help remove the undue dark spiritual burden that is weighting us down and keeping us from beginning the journey toward overcoming core spiritual issues. Some unclean spirits may have been with us since we were very young. We may have relied upon them for strength and guidance over the years, and as a result we may think that they are a part of us. When this is the case, some people have a hard time letting go of these personal confidants and letting God take over.  It can take time to work through such issues. Usually a person must be ready and willing to let go of a spiritual issue before it can be permanently eliminated.


Healing the World


As we discuss dark spirits most of the initial focus is upon ourselves. Eventually the mind shifts to family and friends and the state of the world in general. If you are anything like me, there have been times in your life when you wished there was something you could do to help a friend or family member that was personally or emotionally suffering. Usually all you can do is offer them comfort or say a prayer for them, but  most often they continue to languish or repeat the same destructive behaviors.


These same concerns not only stop at our circle of influence but they tend to extend out into the world around us. Perhaps you are concerned about the state of the world, with terrorism, economic worries, and people protesting and rioting in the streets, making demands and threats. Maybe you listen to politicians that commit to making your life better and that pass laws that promise to fix all of your problems and yet it seems like things just get worst.


And perhaps you are coming to the conclusion that the world is only as good as the people in it, and as you learn more about dark spiritual influence, you realize that this spiritual component must be addressed before lasting societal changes can be achieved. And finally, maybe you have realized that politicians, and pundits and philosophers don't have the answers to these weighty issues, but that only God has the solution. Perhaps you realize that God is the solution.


So if you worry about the future for your children and grandchildren, and the world that you are leaving to them, you have an unparalleled opportunity to make a real change.


As I mentioned earlier, as one person, the time I have available for this work is limited and that's very frustrating. The only answer to this problem is to find others who are willing to make the necessary improvements in their own lives and that have the desire to learn how to do the works that I do. Individuals that feel the call and the desire to make a commitment not only to this work but a commitment to God and His purposes here upon this earth. My vision is of hundreds if not thousands of practitioners doing this work across the US and eventually the world. Learning the work takes time and a personal investment, but if you feel the call, this may be the opportunity to find your true spiritual calling.


We also offer training to churches that realize the importance of identifying and overcoming the dark spiritual influences that torment their members, and that are in need of a deliverance ministry.


While we are Christian based, we are not a church. We are a private organization that, on a one on one basis, assists those that are struggling in establishing or improving their personal relationship with God.  We are not a replacement for a church, but we compliment or support personal spiritual pursuit, especially that of a Christian nature.


I won't go on and on about this. If you feel the call you'll know it and if you do, feel free to contact us through the contact information on this website to find out how to get started.


The Gift of Healing


The blessings and the ESAT process are miraculous spiritual gifts of healing that can powerfully change the course of one's life for the better. They have been supportive in assisting many in overcoming relationship issues, emotional and behavioral problems, depression, bad habits and many other personal challenges. In the treatment of physical issues and disease, they can be complimentary to other more conventional treatments. Remember that these spirits talk of blocking God's healing light, so eliminating their influence and interference just might be a life saving game changer.

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