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About Elise

Hello again and Welcome to Christian Family Guardianship

We strongly encourage you to always look at who is giving advice before taking it, so I have included below a little background about myself and how I came to this work.

I was raised unconventionally in a New Age belief system with a pick and choose what suits you mentality. I had gone for the take what sounds good and leave the rest form of spiritualism, and learned to read tarot cards as a backup for spiritual council. I was never taught about Jesus and why He came to this Earth, as I understood it, He wasn’t really the Son of God, but simply a figure that weak minded people needed to help them, since they were unable to handle “real life” on their own.

As a teen, I was a generally troubled girl hiding behind a happy face and an outgoing personality, always looking for someone to save, needing desperately to be saved myself. Maybe I thought one would lead to the other. I had several spiritual experiences throughout my childhood and early adulthood that led me to believe I had “special” gifts in understanding, recognizing and moving spiritual energies.

I was a very determined and strong willed person, who always stood up for what I believed. One such incident happened unexpectedly while I was on my front porch. I had recently moved to the Bible belt, so at 19, there was much Christianity I had not been exposed to.

At the time I found it laughable when they approached me, with printouts headed “YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!” in bold block letters with orange flames blazing at the top of the page. In response to this offensive material, I boldly recited, I don’t believe in Hell!

Taken aback, one of the women asked “What do you mean? You believe in Heaven don’t you?” Well of course, I replied. Shocked, she interjected that you can’t have one without the other and there is no good without evil and so on when she suddenly turned and asked about the Devil.

Feeling unshakable, I confidently responded. I don’t believe in the Devil! To which she replied- Well He Believes in YOU! These words hit me like a ton of bricks; I felt a questioning for the first time in my heart, almost a burden, and something that cautioned that she was telling the truth. Working hard not to waver on my position, I repeated, I don’t believe in him.

Soon after, the conversation broke away, but I was left with this new found question. The memory of those women, the apartment stoop I was standing on, the cigarette in my hand, the blazing fire on their handouts still remains clear in my mind. I knew this moment was significant.

The questions that followed also remained-

Was the Devil real? Did he have influence over my life? After all, things had not turned out the way I thought they would when I went out on my own. If he was there, and I just ignored him, would things get worse as time went on?

It would be several years before I began getting the answers to these questions and more. I was introduced to my husband Randy in 2008 and became a true believer in Christ and the Devil the following year through personal experience as I was trained and certified to perform ESAT work in 2009. We have performed hundreds of sessions since that time and have literally become experts in the field of casting out demons, through Christ’s power.

I learned through God’s work that we must turn away from any behaviors or beliefs that don’t come directly from Him, as they open us up to the devil. I have fully committed my life to Christ and His work, essentially leaving every part of that old life behind.

I quit the New Age movement, and stopped associating with anyone who supported it, knowing that my newfound faith would be compromised. I quit smoking, and changed every unhealthy lifestyle I had participated in before. I actively repented of my sins, and introspectively searched out personality traits that I had adopted through my former lifestyle that needed to change.

While life moves quickly with a growing family and other obligations, my main purpose and call since 2009 has been strengthening my relationship with the true and living God, through His son Jesus Christ, and doing His Work -exposing and overcoming the devil.

We hope the information we provide will help you and your family in the fight against the adversary that we all must manage in our own lives.

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