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Randy's ESAT Testimonial

While stories like Lara's are very helpful in understanding the procedure and the effectiveness of the ESAT process,  I decided that my own story and testimony would perhaps be of greater value and assistance in guiding you the reader, in relating this work to your own life, and in resisting and eventually overcoming your own personal demons. When I finally had the opportunity of experiencing the power of the ESAT process on a personal level, I discovered that the very act of standing up and facing our demons, carries with it great personal transformative power, and it brought into focus Christ's emphasis upon the need to exercise these influences from our lives before the fullness of His love and blessings could begin to be delivered.

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My Story


As a child I remember  the thing I valued the very most was my family. With an eight year age gap between myself and my next oldest sibling, I was the youngest of five children. Whether we were just having dinner together, or playing a game, or picking fruit from our fruit trees in the backyard, whatever we were doing together was always my favorite thing. I looked up to my dad so much, and thought he was the greatest man alive. My mom was a kind and wonderful woman that, when she was not at home, was always involved in service at church or other fruitful pursuits. My brother Richard was a police officer with the greatest police force in the world at the time, the LAPD. I was so proud of him and his service. As a talented musician and artist, my brother Dennis was another admirable figure in my life. Both of my brothers were very clever and funny, so spending time with them was a joy. I spent many happy hours with my sister Donna watching TV and laughing. My grandma, who helped raise me, lived right next door, and I would spend time at her house every day. She would cook me meals and care for my every need. When I was eight years old my parents decided to take in a foster child. Now back then, when you took in a foster child, you didn't get a monthly check from the state; instead my parents invested completely in this boy, both emotionally and financially. His name was Joe and he was my age. This too became one of the greatest blessings of my life, as he became not only my brother but one of my best friends. Within the boundaries of my family unit I always felt completely and securely protected by love. I think that even at a young age, I realized that a strong family unit was the most important thing a person could attain in this lifetime. Nothing could compare in value. I recall looking forward with great anticipation to the day that, I would get married and begin to build a wonderful family of my own. It was my highest aspiration.


Ours was also a good Christian household. We went to church every Sunday and participated in other church sponsored activities throughout each week. At home we were taught manners, good principles, and the importance of character. Every day was accompanied by the act of prayer. We had family prayer early each morning, before my dad started his commute to work. Additionally, we were taught to pray individually throughout each day, whenever we felt the need. Finally, at night we would always kneel in prayer, before we went to bed. We were striving to be people of moral character and good works. Most importantly, we always worked toward maintaining and improving our relationship with God.


Now all of this familial bliss and spiritual devotion notwithstanding, there was a feeling of fear around me for as long as can remember. I was a pretty happy and secure kid at home and around my family, but I recall that the outside world seemed to me, to be a scary and imposing place.


When I was in first grade, I remember waiting for the school bus. Our house was on a corner, so the driver was nice enough to make a special stop just for me. As I stood looking out the front window of our home, I recall feeling a great apprehension, and sense of worry. As I look back now, the feeling was almost threatening in nature.


As a result of the spiritual work that I do today, I now realize that these promptings were more than just my own feelings of dread, but that there was a purposeful and deliberate influence behind them.


 Once at school, I struggled with my studies, as I was also burdened with a difficulty to focus and with distractibility. I was often kept after school to finish my work. At the time unbeknownst to me, my abusive spiritual handlers got straight to work telling me, that I was stupid and whipping me with guilt laden demands, that I speed things up and do better. No matter the task, they were always on my back, telling me I was not doing it well enough, and comparing my performance to that of others.


If there was a bully at a bus stop or in the play yard, they always seemed to sniff me out. The physical abuse and intimidation aside, again now in retrospect, I can see the hand of a dark master behind these incidents.


Over time my school work improved, and eventually as I grew to over six feet tall, a lot of the outward fear vanished but the core problem was still present. The fear that was once a threatening and dominating creature, over time adopted the role of a demanding advisor and guide. This potent spiritual presence trained me in childhood, through emotional abuse and negative reinforcement, to heed its guidance and admonishments or else… or else bad things were going to happen. I now realize that much of the difficulty that I experienced, was not due to natural consequences, but to the consequence of being herded through life by such spiritual threats.


As I approached adulthood, this fear promoting spirit manifested mostly as stress and worry. As I struggled to live up to the demands in my head, I began to treat myself in an abusive fashion, in a desperate attempt to satisfy my demanding handlers. What an idiot! Work harder! Wake up! Snap out of it! Why are you so stupid? Get it together! Later in life I learned that I was being pushed into this behavior, in order to get me actively involved in tearing myself down, and to turn me against my very soul.


In The Happiness Principle, I tell the story of my father's death from colon cancer just a month after my 15th birthday, and how as a result, my life began to spin out of control. I also describe a dream I had a few months later, in which he appeared to me. This powerful healing dream, miraculously put me back on track, lifting me out of the dark place into which, I had personally descended. And even though I seemed to be myself again, it soon became evident that, with the loss of my dad, our precious, protective family circle had been fractured and breached.


From that day forward, for the next 30 years, I would feel as though something was lacking in my life. I would spend the next three decades searching for the answer to this deep need. Today I now realize that, I was not just searching for something but in reality, I was running from something.



There was an oppressive feeling of panic or urgency, concerning the need to get into a "safe and secure" place in life. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, things always seemed to fall apart in the end. Due to the fact that my parents instilled in me a great sense of responsibility and duty, when I worked a steady 9 to 5 job, things always went well and yet, I always felt dissatisfied and continued to search for more. Any self initiated endeavor, always tended to end in failure. If it was business, there always seemed to be some issue or event outside of my control, that always brought it to an end. Now admittedly some of the choices that I made weren't always the best, but none the less, good, bad, or indifferent, nothing seemed to last.


Building on the concept of Murphy's Law which states that, "If anything can go wrong it will.", I developed a new theory, I called Petersen's Law that insisted that, "If you have a sure thing and nothing can possibly go wrong, it still will." That's how bad I felt about my own luck.


I got married in my mid-twenties, and things went pretty well   the first couple of years, and then the ups and downs started again. During the first decade of our marriage we found out that my wife could not have children. This was a great blow to the both of us, but it was especially hard on her. Eventually my wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as leiomyosarcoma. Within 6 weeks of the diagnosis she was gone.


As I sat alone in the aftermath of all of this, I realized that I was not really alone at all. My dad died at a relatively young age. My brother Dennis died at 37 of cardiomyopathy or a weak heart muscle. He left behind a wife and four young children all under the age of 8. Talk about tragic. As a matter of fact, I have heard promptings since I was in my 20's that I too would die at a young age. My older brother Richard has confided to me that he too has felt such promptings. While he has successfully made it into his mid 70's, his longevity is certainly a wonder, as he has had a number of close calls in life, from which he was miraculously delivered. In an obvious continuation of this theme, my sister's husband recently lost a hard fought eight year battle with cancer, that began in his early 50's. I could go on and on with many more examples of this tale of woe, but you probably get the gist.


Now at this point you might just be asking the question, "Randy, why are you depressing me with all of this talk of death and failure?" Well please allow me to apologize but bare with me, as I do have a good reason. My biggest reason in sharing all of this with you, is to point out that my family and myself are good people; people of faith, people of prayer and people who were striving for greater character and integrity and frankly, (excuse the coarse metaphorical language) we were getting the crap kicked out of us. Now I can only observe the general experience of the rest of my family, and I don't presuppose to speak for them, and their perspective on all of this. That said, I always strived to believe in a kind and loving God, that was looking out for my best interest;  but at times it felt like He wasn't even there. I came from a religious background that taught there would be many difficulties in life, and that we must just try to "endure them well". Well frankly, after living half my life amidst mediocrity and tragedy, I just felt like I couldn't do it anymore.


As I reflected upon my childhood hopes and dreams, I realized that the safety and security of the family structure, that I valued so much and wanted so desperately to achieve, appeared to be (at least for me) an unreachable dream.


Now I know there are those that would say, "Randy, that's life. I've experienced some of these things. I know others that have experienced them. You just need to learn how to live with it. There's nothing you can do." I understand such an attitude as it is common; but what if we have been conditioned to this belief, a belief that is being used to hold us captive in life? What if this attitude is not common sense, but in reality is unconditional surrender?


The Devil in My Details


I had worked with people using the ESAT process for years, with great success, and yet there was one person, which had yet to personally benefit from this blessing, namely me. For the first five years of the work, I was its sole practitioner. It wasn't until I began training others in the technique, that I was able to personally experience this blessing. Our first training was a small two part course, one weekend seminar in the early summer and a final training in the fall. This allowed time for the students to apply and practice what had been learned in the first seminar, before moving to more advanced instruction. The Fall training focused exclusively on learning how to administer the ESAT process. During this seminar, I allowed one of the students to apply what she had learned on me. This was my first time operating as a patron and my experience would not only be educational for the students present, but life changing for me.


In this first session we found with me, a particularly large and difficult non-human spirit, that called itself Cain. It's not uncommon to find that these spirits have named themselves for effect, Cain being a notorious and murderous Biblical character. We found that this spirit was not permanently attached to my countenance, oppressing me from within, but it was free-roaming, and came and went at will. After conversing with him in this and subsequent sessions, we discovered that he had been orchestrating much of the confusion, discord, and destruction in my life. He seemed to sum it up well in one of his initial statements when he said,


"We're going to stop him at every turn. We always win. We've always won so far."


I was initially stunned, realizing that this spirit seemed to callously view my life, as nothing more than a game, and I appeared to have no more value, than a token on the board. When asked what he wanted, his response was again quick and to the point,


"I want him dead!"


In an instant, I could now see that the intuitive promptings, telling me that I was going to die at a young age, were not promptings at all, but instead were deliberate spiritual death threats. The personal revelations just kept coming, as I was finally able to put a face (so to speak) with the internal insults, character assassinations, threats, and intimidation that I had heard almost all of my life when he said:


"I've told the dumb-ass not to fight but he keeps doing it."


When asked why he was saying such belittling things to me he retorted,


"Because he's a dumb-ass, I think I just told you that. Don't get confused, I know who he is and what he can do. Just because you have abilities, doesn't mean you're not a dumb-ass. He's really been pissing me off lately... he's not that strong, he just thinks he is."


From this point forward, he peppered the session with such verbal attacks. He continued to use derogatory labels such as stupid and idiot when referring to me, and yet he appeared to believe that I had "abilities" and those qualities obviously threatened him, so much so in fact, that he was working toward my literal demise. He continued:


" He's got abilities... He's just not close to understanding them... He doesn't have the ability to go this far without..."


And then he appeared to abruptly censor himself. "Without what", I wondered? Was there truly a missing component in my life, that if discovered, would make it possible for me to understand my abilities and continue on my course successfully? He again continued:


"He hasn't succeeded yet. Why does he keep trying? We're going to stop him at every turn. Don't misunderstand, I'm in control all of the time. You're not in control, not a one of you... but somehow he thinks that there's going to be a turning point, where this is going to get better and... well he's right, there will be a turning point, but it's going to get worst, and that's coming for him."


In this moment another stark realization hit me. The cyclical ups and downs of my life, had been orchestrated by this demon and others like him. Time and time again, I would be given hope, and then just before that hope would materialize, it would be yanked out from under me like a familiar, well-worn rug. As I pondered this, I also realized that it would not be accurate to give him all of the credit. He may have been conducting all of this disarray, but I willingly followed his lead. I was raised in an age, where the temporal teachings of the world were offered, alongside our valued spiritual beliefs. I was told that what I was hearing was my own "inner voice" and that the only way to master that dialog, was through "positive thinking". So I spent most of my life trying to master it, but I was now discovering that the voice was not my own, and it in fact had been my master, and that all of the positivity in the world, could not permanently control it. It was clear now that by trying to defeat this foe with an approach like positive thinking, time and time again, I had brought a knife to a gun fight. His claim that we are not in control, not a one of us, is most likely true to an extent because of such popular misconceptions. Concerning his level of control he warned:


"Don't think we don't have control over you just because now and then they (God and angels) come in and use your gifts... because we're plugged in the majority of the time. That's what you people have to do. You have to justify and you have to tell yourselves things that make you feel better, so you can go on to the next day, when in reality you're getting deeper and deeper."


This warning was a clear attack on the concept of having faith in God, and hope that through Him, there could be deliverance from such dark oppressors. He would have us believe the lie that just because God and His angels work with and through us at times, to help others and to improve our own lives, we should not entertain the idea that we could ever be free from his subjugation. Admittedly he may have a point when it comes to our own rationalizations relating to our lives. If we do a few good works, often in our minds they outweigh our many bad works, or our bad works are not so bad by comparison to the doings of other people that we may know. As a result we most likely get deeper and deeper.


Next he shared some of his frustrations with us:


"I'm just a little bit on edge about the fact that I keep taking big cuts from his program, but things keep sprouting back up and that's what's bothering me. Look at his situation. Look at his program. Look at his life. This sickening need to do good. This sickening, repulsive desire to try to do the right thing. Even when it doesn't pay off. Even when he gets bashed in the face, time and time again, and quite often I'm the one bashing him in the face."


When asked about his references to right and wrong, and his perception of these concepts, he answered:


"I think I made reference to the fact that this right sickens me. Clearly to me it must seem wrong. There's no right or wrong where I'm at. I'm referring to his sense of right and wrong, and the fact of the matter is, it's stupidity. It's like someone who's muscle bound and could just blow through life, and yet he sits there and picks daises. He sits there and is sweet and kind to those that would stand in his way. It's stupid... it has been a thorn in my side. This need to continue to do it no matter what we do to him, means we just have to work harder. We have to keep on. I should have moved on to something else by now. I've done this before. So yes; Has he been a challenge? Absolutely. What I'm saying is that he's not as strong as he thinks. It's not normal! I know normal. I've been doing this for a long time. It's not his strengths. He doesn't even understand his gifts. He hasn't even reached that part yet... and yet he keeps fighting. Anyway that's annoying. That is getting in the way of my program. I've got to accomplish my goals here... and it's not because he's so strong, it's because he's so stupid. It's his stupidity that makes him keep doing it over and over."


Again if I had wondered before whether the up and downs of my life were coincidental or just bad luck, my confusion had just come to an abrupt end. Even though I had done this work on hundreds of people, and had a part in removing multitudes of oppressing spirits, I had never before understood the concept on such an intimate level. Sure I assumed that darkness was working on me and slowing my progress, but now I was face to face with my own demon, and there was no room for doubt. I marveled that to him, my good qualities only represented weakness. If they were in fact failings on my part, these failings seemed to be the very thing that stood in the way of the accomplishment of his goals. My principles and values may represent a lot of things, but weakness was obviously not one of them.


Next he was asked why I am such a threat and to this he replied:


"A single individual can be a problem or an issue, and I'm not just talking about him. It's happened. It's possible. It just takes one person to encourage others to do what they're doing, to open people's eyes... we can't have people's eyes opened!"


When asked about his end goal he said,


"Him being dead would stop this. It's the work! This work is a threat. You can't see the big picture. "


When asked why the work threatened him to such a great degree he responded quickly and clearly by saying,


"Do you know how many years we have to put in to establish these spirits? Not only placing them on people, but then getting them to follow them and listen, and then you come in and in 90 seconds pull off what's taken me twenty years to establish! Just little basic spiritual works can turn into great spiritual movements, that encourage people to believe in a God and a higher power. We work to help people first, to disbelieve... to disbelieve and then to turn their talents and their spiritual gifts towards other God's... namely us."


Again he makes a frighteningly powerful point, when he teaches that his kind are here to get us to disbelieve. You have probably seen a trend in the world toward disbelief. Well now you know who's behind it. When you no longer have the option to follow the true and living God, you will have no choice but to unknowingly serve one of these false earthbound deities.


Next he is asked if deceiving people into following his kind gives them more power and to this he says,


"Oh absolutely! Remember if we have control of you, and you are behaving in the way we are asking you to behave, or prompting you to behave, you generate all sorts of real energy for us, and that gives us greater power upon the earth. It gives us greater power against the next guy; people we yet to have control over. There's a battle going on. Why do I want to win? It's about power. It's about control. It's about taking back what's ours! It's personal too! I'd be lying to you if I didn't tell you it's personal! Even a tiny little spiritual movement can turn into something that undoes years and years and years of work. It's work. We have to put in effort. It's work. We lose ground. This is not a tiny work. This whole work is a great threat... giving people understanding of how we operate and this whole ability to do these ESAT sessions."


Aside from his disdain for our work, he reveals some important information here. He makes it clear that in his mind and most likely in the minds of others like him, this is a war; a battle for "control" of our very souls. We get a peek into the result of that control, when he shares that they not only gain power over those humans that succumb to their promptings, but they gain power from them as well. Most likely a dark programmed spiritual energy that can be used to entice and enslave others.


Our questions seem to inspire him to evaluate our level of understanding when he next says,


"It doesn't surprise me that you're asking about this work, that doesn't surprise me at all. That's what we do. We're going to keep anyone and everyone from seeing the depth of this thing."


One of the most important works of darkness is to blind the minds of humankind when it comes to God's existence, His gospel, His light and His love. Anything that would lift that veil and reveal the truth, must be a great threat. He makes a good point since even I, the guy that had been doing this for years, was lacking in understanding. After he made this statement, I realized that I had felt his presence all along in this regard, as I had struggled to get people to see the importance and depth of this work.


Finally he begins to get to the real point of his visit, the subject that he resisted discussing earlier in the conversation when he next says:


"If I could I would have everyone that's close to him around right now... because the fact of the matter is, there is someone coming that I have to stop, and I don't know who it is. Because... we don't know everything. I wish we did. We get bits and pieces of information. We pull things out of your heads, if we can. But we do have a lot of information about this program, about the plan, the direction it's suppose to go, and some of the players. Somebody's coming. Without that individual he will never find these gifts, and it will be too late for anyone else to be prepared. He can't do it alone. He's at a level where he's reached his limit."


This statement struck me as I realized that on a personal level, it was probably the most important and substantive thing I had ever heard a dark spirit utter. He was right... it had become clear to me months earlier that I had in fact reached my limit, where the work was concerned. While I was good at what I did, the promotion of the work was my weak point. I struggled to find new people to work with, people that were committed and took the process seriously. Additionally, connected to certain challenges in my personal life, I was struggling financially to keep my office open and in turn the work afloat. My mind began swimming again as I realized that this demon's top priority at the moment was to stop someone who was being sent by God to help me.


He continued:


"And that person has to come and he has to heal them first, and then when they begin to have control of their gifts, that's when they turn and finish helping him and show him his gifts, and that's when this thing gets so out of control that not even I can stop it... and I'm having a problem... I can't identify who it is. I just can't figure it out. I don't know if they're here yet. I know they are coming. They may be around already. I don't have a clue. I know a little bit about her constitution, about her gifts."


Admittedly the thought of God sending someone to help keep the work moving forward was a huge relief, but there was something of much greater meaning within this dark spirit's dilemma. I supposedly had undiscovered God given spiritual gifts that had not yet been developed, gifts I could not possibly find let alone use without the assistance of the talents and gifts of one person in particular. A person that was most likely unaware of their own gifts and that would need my assistance in order to discover and develop them. The whole concept was extraordinary. I was taught about the importance of service growing up, and that charity was the true love of Christ, and that charity was in fact it's own reward, and nothing was necessarily given in return. In this instance though, it appeared that my very future, my very existence relied on the fact that I needed to be of service to this person if I or the work were expected to survive, let alone thrive. If true, it was a powerful revelation.


As he continued, he talked further about the necessity of cooperation where our spiritual gifts are concerned:


"You guys can't do this alone. You were brought down here to work together. You have to bring your gifts together. You're like a bunch of idiots standing around with engine parts but you're too dumb to put it together. But you love your precious engine part. You talk about how wonderful it is. But most of you don't understand your spiritual gifts. You pee upon them on a daily basis. They're like these wonderful things. It's like one of your computers. It's like this great and wonderful shiny box. But you're such a dumb-ass you don't know how to use it. But you love your shiny box. It might as well be a door stop. Set them up on the mantle. Enjoy them. Polish them. Brag about them. They're no threat to me unless somebody shows you how to use them."


It was quite clear to me that this spirit had our collective number. We are obviously very predictable in regards to our inability to bring our gifts together and do the works we were sent here to do. He continued with another condescending yet pointed analogy:


"You know what you guys are like? You're like dogs that are under the table and your being fed scraps. You think it's the best thing you ever had... and then you come back and you just beg for more... and it's just the best thing in the world. And there are big fat steaks sitting up on the table, other people are eating them, but man as long as I feed you a little scrap of fat now and then, you'll continue on your superficial, pointless path and you'll never be a threat... and you're all that way... each and every one of you. Anyway... he's finished. I'm more interested in stopping her than him anyway. Either way. Look he's the priority... without him she'll just continue to wander just like all of the rest of you, off on false and lost stupid priorities."


I recall that my initial reaction to this comment was one of anger. I felt angry in part because I knew deep in my heart that this was more than just an analogy. This evil spiritual being actually considered me no more than an animal. A beast that could be bribed and trained and used for a purpose, and the biggest insult of all was that in the past, I had gone along with it. I had allowed it to treat me this way. I had happily taken the scraps from its filthy hand. When we are unaware of their presence and uneducated concerning their tactics, we are all fed morsels regularly from their table and at their feet. We become addicted to the process and in turn succumb to their overall control to varying degrees. Morsels of temptation in the form money and possessions, control and power, recognition and prestige, sexual desires, and many other temporal thrills and urges that keep us panting at the feet of our masters for more.


From this point forward this entity shifted its focus toward trying to extract information from those present in the room, as to their knowledge concerning the mystery person he was after. While it was clear that none of the students present in the room wanted to help this contentious spirit, it was equally obvious that none of them were aware of anyone around me that fit the profile. After a final 10 minutes or so of his unpleasant inquiries, we ended the session.

Someone is Coming


Days and weeks after this experience, I prayed and pondered deeply upon what had been learned. I certainly didn't want to take the word of a dark spirit alone concerning such an important message. If it were true that there was someone being sent to help with the work; what was I to do next? One day after much prayer and consideration, I felt strongly that I had received confirmation from God, that this person was in fact real. Next question: How was I to find them or would they find me? I was just as lost concerning this person's identity as the students in my office that day. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I must place the situation in God's hands, and trust that he would bring us together in his own good time and fashion.


Months past and the Christmas season arrived. Every Christmas, I bake my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies, and then give them out to friends and family. I would give them out at the office, or wherever I had the occasion to see someone I knew. There were two students that attended the first training, but were unable to attend the second, due to personal conflicts that had arisen. One of those students was named Elise. She was a wonderful young woman, that was full of life. She was smart, funny and very positive, carrying with her a motivated "can do" attitude. I recall one of the first times I conversed with Elise, I told her about the spiritual healing work that I do, and in response to my description of the work she excitedly said, "I can do that!" She went on to tell me that if others were injured or physically hurting, she could place her hands upon them and relieve the pain. I had never heard anyone previously make such a claim, when discussing the work and I must admit it peaked my curiosity. It was during this conversation that she inquired about making an appointment for a session. Over time she would come for more than one session, in fact during one of them, we removed some substantially large and menacing dark influences from her, and she had seen great improvements in certain areas of her life as a result. It was after these experiences that she decided to train in the work.


I had not seen her in a while, so I gave her a call and arranged to drop the cookies off at her home. When she met me at her door and I handed her the cookies, she gave me a friendly hug and invited me in. As we chatted, she eventually asked about the training. After I shared with her some of the amazing details of my ESAT session that weekend, she expressed regret in having been absent. Since I make a habit of recording most of these sessions, I reassured her that she could listen to the session in its entirety if she were interested. She expressed great interest so we set up a time to meet again at my office and listen to the recording.


When that day arrived and I began playing the recording, we listened without interruption, until the dark spirit Cain proceeded to talk about the person that was coming to help me, at which point Elise had a visible reaction to what he was saying. You could tell something about it resonated with her. Right in the middle of his interrogation of the students who were present that day, Elise asked me to stop the recording and with great confidence she said, "I think he's talking about me." Why couldn't it be me? I think I'm the one he's talking about."


This took me completely by surprise as I had originally intended this meeting as an opportunity to get her caught up on her training, but all of a sudden it had become something else. I told Elise that there was every reason to believe that it might be her and in time, we would most likely find out one way or another. While I wanted to seem encouraging, quietly I had a number of reservations. In the past when I pictured someone helping me, I thought it would be someone who was fully trained in the work, perhaps a student that had completed the course, and had some measure of success on their own. Elise hadn't technically even finished the training. I also had envisioned the person coming from a Christian background, someone whose beliefs generally meshed with my own. Elise wasn't raised believing in Christ, in fact her upbringing included some spiritual practices that seemed to me to be very unorthodox.


All of my reservations aside, there was one powerful thing that continued to dwarf all of my concerns. Occasionally Elise would just drop by my office, usually unannounced to say "hi". On these occasions we would sit and talk and laugh quite often for an hour or more. Once she even surprised me with chicken fettuccini alfredo for lunch. Every time she showed up, she would fill the room with joy and light. I loved spending time with her, and her presence always seemed to uplift me, and make me feel genuinely happy. There was no denying that she was someone very special.


So again after a healthy amount of prayer and consideration, I decided to bring her on and see if she was in fact "the one." Right away she took to the work seamlessly. She learned quickly and her delivery of the ESAT sessions and blessings were both inspired and very productive. She was great with the patrons but most of all she was amazing when it came to the promotion of our work. She was not afraid to get out there and talk about it, and she would share it with just about anyone that would listen. As I continued to help her work through her spiritual burdens and issues through the ESAT process, and as she applied regular prayer and study to her life, she literally and miraculously transformed into a wonderful, sweet, Godly person. It seemed that all of the dark spirit Cain's worst fears were coming true, as Elise was truly discovering her spiritual gifts and learning how to use them. Of even greater interest is what happened next. With almost no prompting or encouragement on my part, one day she began developing an interest and over time a true belief in Christ.


On a personal level, I finally had someone to whom I could turn, for more comprehensive blessings and ESAT sessions. We got to work doing both healing and ESAT work on me. By way of God's love and the mighty power of Christ's atoning sacrifice,  Elise succeeded in removing a number of menacing spirits and issues from my life, spirits that were oppressing me from within my spiritual countenance, spirits that were doing Cain's bidding in the day in and day out of my own personal struggle.


In time I began to see improvement  in many of the issues that had plagued me throughout my life,  problems that I once thought  insurmountable. You could tell that God was hard at work, and that we were surrounded by angels lending strength and support along the way. Throughout all of this spiritual work, Elise became one of the best and most trusted friends that I had ever known, and then one day in God's perfect timing and good grace, we realized that we were in love and that we were supposed to be together. Very shortly thereafter we were married and we have since been blessed with three beautiful sons.


I suddenly found myself on my path, the path I had dreamed about all of my life. I found myself building a family, and for the first time in decades, I felt truly and consistently happy! The abusive promptings eased, and stability and steady growth replaced the nauseatingly repetitive ups and downs in life, that I had previously come to expect. And yet I couldn't help but ponder upon why this was happening now? Why did it take almost 35 years for my greatest blessings to start coming into my life? For so many years I had tried so hard to be a good, God honoring person of character, and in return I struggled and floundered amidst so much difficulty. I realized that the tipping point in all of this, was my first ESAT session, the session in which we discovered Cain.


As a result of that one session, like breaking up the log jam of a stagnant life, I began to truly live for the first time since my dad's death over 30 years earlier. We didn't even remove a single spirit from me in the initial session, and yet that one act caused my personal spiritual process to open up, and the blessings to begin rushing in. While my devotion to God, and working to become a person of character were critical pieces of the puzzle, before that day I had never truly faced my demons. Now the puzzle was complete, and I began seeing the whole picture for the first time, but most notably, that was the day I began turning the tables on these spiritual predators, and as a result the predators gradually became the prey.

The Next Step: Weapons of Warfare

Next in addition to the ESAT process, we look at the other "Weapons of Warfare" with which the Lord has armed us in our assault upon the devil and his evil works. Please click here to continue.

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Elise's ESAT

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of Warfare


Next, in addition to the power of the ESAT process, God has given us other weapons to drive back and defeat the devil in our lives

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