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The Science of Temptation

Growing up I was taught that Satan had the power to approach me and tempt me. I always pictured him coming and whispering in my ear, encouraging me to do bad things like lie or cheat or steal. As I got older I continued to wonder how dark spiritual influence interacted with me and how they prompted me to do their bidding. As more and more of these dark spirits came forward, the mechanics of the classic process of temptation were revealed. Before we can understand this process it's important to have a basic understanding of the spiritual energies that surround each of us and how they interact with us.

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In The Happiness Principle we learn that as human beings we are spiritual energy receivers and that we are capable of attracting ultra high and ultra low frequency forms of spiritual light. We not only draw in this spiritual energy but it also passes through us, affecting the environment around us. If this energy is high frequency then the environment and those within it benefit, and if it is low frequency in nature then those around us may suffer. The type of spiritual light that is drawn through our bodies is under our control, if we choose to control it. As our emotional state changes, we become attuned to different frequencies of energy and attract them to us. For example, if we tend to be pessimistic and worrisome, the majority of the time we will be drawing in more of this negative kind of energy, and if positivity and hope rule our lives, a powerful high frequency light is attracted to us. But we are not simply conduits for this energy, but rather by utilizing it, we become creators of it. In other words, as this energy passes through us, we convert it into a different form of energy tailored for more efficient use by our spiritual and emotional systems.

So as this raw energy passes through us its characteristics are changed, and it becomes what I call programmed energy.


For example, if I feel a great deal of sincere selfless love toward another person, this higher frequency emotion will draw in raw high frequency light. As that energy passes through me, it will be encoded with data or information associated with that emotion. So if that programmed light touches the person who is the focus of my love, or anyone else for that matter, a like response is triggered from one degree to another. Now the dark side of this equation is as follows. If I tend to participate in negative emotions, like anger for instance, I will draw in a lower frequency type of energy and program it with data akin to anger and discontent. When this energy touches another, it will tend to encourage them toward anger, or at least a defensiveness and suspicion.


The ultimate form of this programmed light comes from God. This definitive light is most famously known as The Spirit of God. His light is perfect and contains the blueprint for total and complete wholeness, and more. So while His light contains energy, which builds and heals the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical systems, it also contains information or knowledge. When we begin to tap into this definitive form of light and we allow it to flow through us to others, this is when real miracles are witnessed.


There are two main methods through which these oppressing spirits access our lives; they are the Countenance and Connections.

The Countenance


As this spiritual light passes through us, it creates a God-given defense system known as the countenance. It is a spiritual energy field that surrounds the body. While the countenance most likely has many functions, we are going to focus primarily on one: protection. Like the armor of God, one of the most important duties of the human countenance is to defend against spiritual attack. This spiritual shield radiates from our very center and extends well beyond the boundaries of our physical body. It most likely consists of multiple layers, each working in concert with the other, while at the same time each is serving a unique and vital duty.


We have found that certain areas of the countenance correspond with specific parts of the physical, mental and emotional function within the body. So invading spirits may target particular areas of the countenance in order to cause a certain desired reaction. For instance I will find these entities residing in the area of the head in an attempt to manipulate the mind. Interestingly, often I will find them over the area of the heart. When this occurs, they will invariably claim that they are attempting to manipulate the emotions of the individual. All of my life I have heard references to the heart in connection with emotions such as love or anger, but thought that they were just figurative in nature. It turns out that there is most likely a spiritual energy center in this location that is involved in the processing of human feelings. We have all heard the “saying” that goes something like this, “He has evil in his heart”. Well it turns out he did have something in his heart, and it wasn’t good.


When the countenance starts to fail, weaknesses will begin to appear in various locations across the body, and it is through these breaches in the countenance that negative spiritual incursions are made.


The famous biblical story of Cain and Abel is an excellent example of this. Cain became exceedingly angry towards, and jealous of, his brother Abel. The book of Genesis illustrates this process perfectly when it states, “And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.” It is recorded that after his countenance had fallen, he rose up against Abel and murdered him. In other words, he became greatly angered and that anger caused his countenance to fail. He was then open to dark spiritual invasion, through which he was prompted to kill his brother.


Failure of the countenance can happen in an instant or it can take years. We all participate in a little negative emotion from time to time. We worry now and then about finances, or we experience an angry moment on the freeway, or we participate in a small contentious fight with a family member. These types of occasional issues will in most cases have little or no affect upon the integrity of the countenance. But if these types of occurrences are a daily or hourly event, then the countenance will inevitably be compromised. Paralyzing fear or fiery rage are the types of emotions that can open the countenance in an instant. Any instantaneous extreme negative emotion can cause a short term breach.


Once the body’s spiritual protection is compromised and incursions are made, these detrimental spirits begin to work from within to attempt to cause additional failures of the countenance. Depending on the severity and location of the breach, these spirits then have the ability to manipulate thought, emotion, and even the physical body, from one degree to another. They are now in a position, where they can get their hands on the “controls” so to speak. If we are living in a fashion that keeps good and positive spiritual light flowing through us, then the countenance in theory will stay bright and strong. But if we begin to operate in a manner that is attracting more toxic spiritual energies through us, the countenance may begin to fail.

Please Fence Me In!


Growing up, my family mostly lived in suburban settings; nice little middle class neighborhoods complete with stucco facades and two car garages. I remember as a child playing in the backyard of our home. The yard had a six foot fence around it, which cocooned the property into its own little world. In the yard I felt safe and separated from the outside world, and its many dangers. Now I never thought about it at the time, but that fence served an important purpose. The fence was not designed to keep our family prisoner within the property but it was there to keep others out. It was a boundary that helped protect our privacy and that served to keep our home safe from negative outside influences. In fact, unless it’s a prison fence or one designed to contain animals or livestock, most fences are designed to keep undesirable influences out. The concept of creating personal boundaries or fences is a critical tool in fighting dark spiritual approach.


At times as I was growing up, I felt like the values and standards that my parents taught and promoted, seemed like a fence that was trying to imprison me. As an adult, I now realize that just the opposite was true. I don’t know if they were aware of it, but the qualities they were trying to instill in me were critical tools in the protection against dark spiritual approach, and they were also helpful in insuring that I didn’t become a destructive implement in the hands of these influences against others. Just as the countenance forms a boundary of protection, the fashion in which we live our lives creates a figurative and yet very powerful protective boundary that can keep dark spiritual influences at bay. Ideally this boundary should be established as early as possible and then, throughout our lives, we should work at strengthening this divide. If openings or breaches should appear, we can then work to repair them and keep them closed. The following are some of the ways that these negative spirits breach our personal fencing and invade our spiritual yard.


Emotional Breaches


As we have discussed, few things provide openings through which attachment can be achieved like negative emotions or character traits. I’ve already beat this drum to death, so I won’t over do it here. This of course includes excessive and active participation in emotions such as fear, hate, anger, jealousy, envy, resentment, selfishness, greed, dishonesty, superficiality, pridefulness, etc. This also includes the resulting secondary conditions of excessive stress and worry, depression, hopelessness, etc.

Attitudinal Breaches


These breaches are established by deception, through the promotion of beliefs and attitudes that cause the living host to willingly open to oppression, and actively participate with these influences.


One example is the false spirit that approaches offering to deliver something to the living host. Perhaps success in a career path that is usually “off path” or not in the living host’s best interest. Again this is a process of which the living person is usually not fully aware, but on an intuitive level they are happily following the guidance of these spirits to get personal gain.


Another attitudinal pitfall is mistaken spiritual beliefs or simply a lack thereof. If the individual rejects the belief in a God, there are dark spirits that will happily join and help that person maintain those beliefs. Within this approach the living host actively participates in blocking or rejecting the light that is sent from God.


Conversely, you may believe that you are “God’s chosen” and that the laws of the universe do not apply to you. As a result, you think that you don’t have to put in the time and effort, like everyone else, to make a better connection with the Lord and to fight dark influence. If this is the case, you may be opening yourself up to attack.


Whether it be the promotion of bad associates or poor life paths, or social, political, or spiritual ideas and doctrines that move us off the mark, or any approach, idea, plan or lifestyle that does not originate from God and his spirit, we are probably willingly participating in breaching our own spiritual protection.


Attitudinal deceptions are tricky, and the only way to avoid them is to constantly be striving to make a connection with the genuine source of truth and guidance.

Behavioral Breaches


These are behaviors that cause breaches in protective spiritual boundaries. A couple of powerful examples of behavioral breaches are:


Sex: In addition to establishing energy pathways, sexual intimacy can create a “five lane expressway” for spirit oppression and control. During sexual contact we become very open and receiving of the other person. As well as a literal physical connection being established, there is a blending of countenances, and invasion can be easily and deeply accomplished, as spirits can seamlessly pass from one partner to the other.


Once passed, these spirits can lay dormant for years, waiting for instruction or opportunity to act, or they may just wait for the occasion to pass to another unsuspecting person through a future sexual encounter. On a regular basis, I hear these spirits claim that they easily joined with the person through sex.


I recall one woman who had felt prompted to have a random sexual encounter with a male acquaintance. There were even friends around her encouraging her to do it. She was in the process of a divorce and had never been very sexually active outside of her past two marriages. She just kept hearing, in her mind, that it would be fun and that it would make her feel better.


She went through with the date and the sexual experience, and then coincidentally had an appointment for an ASAT session with me the following evening. During the session, we found a non-human spirit that had been transferred to her by way of the sex act. This spirit claimed to be an entity of cancer and that he had been instructed to begin developing breast cancer within her.


I asked this entity if the man she had slept with had cancer and it told me that he did not. It turns out that this spirit was placed with him specifically to be passed to this woman, and there was an indication that it had originally arrived with him through a sexual encounter that he had previously with another partner.


After this session I had to wonder if there might be a spiritual component in conjunction with human papillomavirus or HPV, which is transferred through sex, and can develop into cervical cancer in women. I don’t just find spirits of cancer being transferred through sex but dark spirits with any and every type of destructive calling. Their presence doesn't always manifest immediately, but can take months or even years to develop and manifest within your life.


Does this mean that you can’t enjoy sex in this life without the constant worry of spiritual invasion? Absolutely not! It just means that the more random and multiple partners that you have, the more likely you are to receive such influences, and there are currently no prophylactics that will protect you from such spiritual STDs.


Does this mean that every time you have sex with someone you are receiving spirits? Of course not. Again, what it does mean is that if you have many multiple partners, you are increasing your odds of exposure to these incursions. And remember this, you may not be the one receiving these influences, but you may be the one used at times to pass them on.


The only way to truly avoid this frightening process is to maintain a committed, monogamous relationship. Ideally by getting in touch with God's celestial light, you will be guided to a kind and loving person who will want to build a life with you, not just use you in a sexual fashion. And at that point, solidifying that commitment through marriage probably isn’t a bad idea.


Today we are told that Christian attitudes concerning abstinence until marriage and monogamy are antiquated and controlling, but I have found as a result of this work, that these standards were placed there by God not to control but to protect. I want to emphasize that casual sexual contact with multiple partners or with someone who has had many multiple partners is one of the most powerful tools that darkness uses to bypass the countenance and gain deep and lasting control of your life.


The Occult: We have found that when people participate in occult activities, they dramatically increase their chances of spiritual invasion. In fact the resulting dark spiritual influence seems to be more profound and outwardly active. I am not just talking about witchcraft or devil worshipers (although they are good examples) but I refer to things as seemingly innocent as using an Ouija board or participating in automatic writing. In both of these cases you are inviting spirits to use (attach to) your body, in order to manipulate the planchette or the pen. Séances, tarot cards, numerology and even astrology also appear to be avenues by which people can unknowingly invite powerfully menacing false spirits into their lives. Finally it is very important to understand that modern day new age spiritualism is a sweetly dressed up and disguised form of occultism and is just as dangerous as any one of the above mentioned practices.


Chemical Breaches


These openings are created by excessive use of certain mind altering chemicals. These substances not only create openings in the countenance through which access can be achieved, but in some cases they give dark spirits greater control over the behavior of the host.



Alcohol: Repeatedly I find spirits that have invaded the countenance while the person was in a state of drunkenness. I remember an ASAT session where I encountered a non-human spirit that was attached to a woman. He claimed that he had joined her through her “one time” use of alcohol, twenty years earlier. He said that she drank a large glass of whiskey, all at once and very fast, and reported that her countenance peeled open from the top of her head like a banana, and this is what gave him access. She was so affected by the alcohol that she had to be carried to her bed, where she promptly passed out.


Another affect of intoxication of which I hear these spirits speak is control. When some individuals drink, their oppressing spirits can take varying levels of control over their bodies and behavior. If you have ever noticed a distinct negative character change in a friend or acquaintance when they drink, you are most likely seeing one or more spirits stepping forward and speaking and acting through them. Quite often the living host is pushed aside and these spirits take over, and “run the show” until the person sobers up.


How much alcohol is too much alcohol varies from person to person. A good rule of thumb is: don’t drink to the point of memory loss or loss of consciousness. A better rule of thumb is: if you drink, moderate you’re drinking habits. If you don’t drink, don’t start. And if you have a past history of alcohol or substance abuse, or serious character change while intoxicated, stay away from alcohol completely and permanently.


Prescription Drugs: Excessive use of some prescription drugs can cause a similar affect to alcohol. Abuse of drugs such as narcotic pain killers, short term anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax, some sleeping medications, and amphetamines can open the countenance and over time give spirits more control. Now if you have chronic pain or have been prescribed these drugs by your physician, you should continue to follow his or her advice. This said, excessive use of these types of prescription drugs to the point of character change can cause breaches and give greater influence to oppressing entities.


Marijuana: Today there is an increased push toward normalization and legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. Occasional use of this drug may or may not lead to oppression as it most likely varies from person to person, but we have found that multiple times per week or everyday (especially multiple times a day) use will absolutely open the user to spiritual oppression and control. The levels of THC, the chemical that causes the high from marijuana, have increased in the last 50 years. In the 1960's levels were 1% to 3%. Today they can be as high as 25%.There is another chemical in pot known as cannabidiol that counteracts the psychoactivity of THC and is believed to protect the brain from damage. In order to make pot more potent the cannabidiol must be bred out of the plant. This in turn can cause some people, who are prone to psychosis or schizophrenia, to permanently develop the conditions. If you begin smoking marijuana before the age of sixteen, your chances of developing schizophrenia quadruple. Heavy use prior to the age of 25 can interfere with normal brain development and has been linked to permanent problems with memory, learning, perception, impulse control, etc. In other words, smoking marijuana can be a game of Russian roulette and you may not know if you are prone to serious psychological conditions until it is too late. I personally know someone that clearly developed severe schizophrenia as a result of pot use and it has literally ruined his life, with little hope of recovery.


Harder Drugs: These include cocaine, crack, and heroine. There is no safe exposure to these drugs and one time use can cause breaches and control issues. Of course long term exposure compounds these issues.


Hallucinogens: For some LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms, or PCP can cause an experience that they consider positive or spiritual in nature. Unfortunately during the altered mental states that these drugs induce, powerful openings are created, and false and negative spirits can quietly slip in. While "ecstasy" is not technically a hallucinogen, the opportunities that open for predatory spirits are similar during its use.


Methamphetamine: I have given Methamphetamine or crystal meth its own category here because I believe it to be the “queen mother” of all destructive hard drugs. No other drug, in my experience, opens the user to such deep spiritual control as meth. Some that have used it for just a short period of time have created significant mental and spiritual damage, which can be extraordinarily difficult to reverse. It is not uncommon for long term users to develop serious conditions like “paranoid schizophrenia” which can allow dark spiritual influence almost total control over the victim, control that can be nearly impossible to regain.


When it comes to chemical breaches, we walk a fine line. Often people will turn to self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol to quiet the emotional pain or “mind chatter” that originates with oppressive dark spirits. If these chemicals are over used, it can give them greater control over us, and these spirits know it. Drugs and alcohol are often used as a substitute for the missing “light of God” in our lives.


One thing that most of these drugs, including alcohol, have in common during their use, is the tendency that they create within the user to become more open to casual sexual contact with others. So with this in mind, random sexual contact, in conjunction with substance use, is a powerful combination for serious spirit oppression and influence.


When I think about this combination, it brings to mind the “free love” movement of the sixties, and the environment on many college campuses today.





Again, as discussed in The Happiness Principle spiritual energy pathways are established between living persons. Some of these pathways are created naturally and some (in a sense) we willingly allow to develop over the course of our lifetimes. For example, we all have natural energy connections with our parents. These connections are established at birth and tend to increase over the years. On the other hand, we might establish, of our own free will, energy pathways to a friend or perhaps a love interest or spouse which may also increase over the years. These pathways are then used to transfer positive and negative from one living person to another. They are being used at their optimum when God’s light is being transferred between the living.


While this energy pathway system was designed for good uses, like all other good gifts, it can be used for destructive purposes. If we are following the promptings of dark spirits then we can be encouraged to make connections with destructive people, or these spirits might succeed in hijacking existing connections to friends and family.


Bear in mind that not all of these pathways are created equal. Some are more significant than others. Some are small and others are very large, and this affects the amount of influence that can be transferred through them. A connection to an acquaintance might be small and insignificant, while a pathway to a family member might be gigantic. They tend to increase over the years depending upon our willingness to build and participate in a relationship (good or bad) with the individual.



Mother’s Guilt


I remember a session with an adult woman that was dealing with a still controlling mother. The mother was a master of using guilt to manipulate and at times paralyze her daughter. During the session as I conversed with a dark spirit that was orchestrating much of this domination, he referred to the guilt that came from her mom as “Mother’s Guilt”. He repeated it again as if it were a trademarked product. He seemed to indicate that it was a powerful programmed energy that his kind used with great success, much like a secret weapon. He then said concerning this guilt:


“It’s not just what she says; it is the energy behind what she says”.


In other words, the mother’s statements of disapproval were accompanied by a powerful negatively programmed energy that cut the woman to the core. This force was of course transferred through the natural energy pathways that existed between mother and daughter.


If you have ever been in a contentious discussion with someone and their words hurt you more than you thought they should, or you actually felt like something hit you in the chest, you may have recognized this process.


How to Make Bad Friends and be Influenced Negatively by People


During one ESAT, I found a non-human spirit with a man that had a calling along these lines. He told me that he encouraged this gentleman to get acquainted with certain people and then helped him develop relationships and in turn, energy connections with them. Utilizing these connections, the non-humans with him would transfer destructive energies from these individuals to him. They would use these energies to empower themselves and further take control of his life. There is also a possibility that they were using him at times to transfer negative to others. This spirit told me that his priorities were to make these energy pathways bigger, and to make sure that my friend did not cut these connections.


So oppressing spirits residing with others can influence us through these connections. In most cases these individuals are actively following the promptings of their dark masters and then are unknowingly used to influence others. It could be someone in your life that is a friend or family member that you get along with some of the time but that represents stress and contention the rest of the time. Conversely it could be someone that is seen positively as a role model or a mentor, but they are in reality taking you off of your best life's course.


Remember these energy pathways can be established between enemies as well as friends. They can be created when we become infatuated with another person, or with any other type of intense relationship. Extremely powerful energy pathways are always established through sexual relationships, whether it be a one night stand or a long term relationship.

The Next Step: The Prime Targets

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