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The Prime Targets

Now that we know how these influences access our lives, it is important to next understand what their objectives are. What is their focus? What are the main targets of their attacks? There are in fact two main things they wish to subdue and conquer. These are the soul and the institution of the family. In The Happiness Principle we discuss the human soul at great length and the importance of caring for this eternal treasure, as we would our most valued possession. Dark spirits appear to understand this value, as the soul is a major focus of their interest and attacks.

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The Soul

Not only is the soul the conduit of light and information from God, but it is also the main line leading into all other areas of a human being; emotional, mental, and physical. So by focusing upon the spirit within, eventually a reaction can be caused on all other levels. If they want to inspire an emotion of fear, a key approach would be to abusively hit the soul directly with words and energies of fear and worry.


After years of this kind of abuse the soul becomes more easily manipulated and beaten down. In a miserable state, the soul is more pliably brought to anger, fear, hopelessness, depression, or any other emotional state. It may be trained to more readily fall into addictive or destructive behaviors. By way of this approach, spiritual growth is halted, and in turn emotional maturity is stunted as well.


Of course a major goal of all of this is to push the soul down and weaken it. This is done so that a blending of false spirits can take control. This bogus soul then becomes the main conduit for counterfeit light and information, better known as darkness and lies. Through this deception these destructive forces can now begin to mold the emotional and mental, the opinion, and very identity of the living host.


Growing up I heard that Satan wanted to capture and control the souls of the living. You got the sense that he wanted to place the soul into some kind of servitude. As I considered the doctrines of Heaven and Hell, I just assumed that this only took place after a person died. As I progressed in my work, it became increasingly clear that this was not just an afterlife phenomenon.

King David


If you are familiar with the story of King David from the Bible, you are aware that at a point in his life, David yielded completely and tragically to the temptations that accompany spirit oppression. One afternoon while standing on the rooftop balcony of his home, he saw a beautiful young women bathing. Her name was Bathsheba and she was married to a man named Uriah. David subsequently had this women brought to him and they soon became romantically involved. Eventually Bathsheba became pregnant with David's child. Once David learned of this, he ordered that Bathsheba's husband Uriah be sent into the heat of battle, insuring that he would be killed. David did this so he could then take Bathsheba to be his wife. David had surrendered to the dark spiritual promptings of lust, covetousness, adultery and murder, and he suffered greatly as a result.


In the Bible, King David writes concerning his own soul and his personal experience with spirit oppression:


For the enemy hath persecuted my soul; he hath smitten my life down to the ground; he hath made me to dwell in darkness, as those that have been long dead.


Psalm 143:3


In this passage, David describes this process with great clarity. He refers to Satan (the enemy) as having access to his soul in life and the ability to persecute it. As a result of this persecution, he claims that Satan had destroyed his life or smitten it down to the ground. He then states that he had been forced to dwell in darkness or in other words, Satan had successfully cut him off from God's spirit or light. Finally he indicates that Satan has the ability to continue this torment after death, most likely with those that have heavily followed his promptings in life.


As we look at David's perspective of dark spiritual attack upon the soul, we might see some similarities in our own lives or the lives of others. If we have made a habit of participating in activities and attitudes that have allowed these influences to gradually gain access to our soul, we may have at some point begun to feel their presence. The persecution can begin to manifest in the form of increased worry or fear, or our priorities may begin to be shifted from family and children to other more exciting Earthly pursuits. Over time our lives can begin to crack and crumble, and we can almost be literally brought down to the ground. A once peaceful or confident person can be reduced to the point where they struggle to function or hold down a job, as the most simple chores or decisions can become overwhelming. It's not uncommon for those who lose focus upon their priorities to eventually, through separation and divorce lose their spouse and children as their lives come crashing down. Many of these are not only cut off from God's light but they end up dwelling in the darkness of depression.


These dark spirits must bind up and eventually hold our souls captive before they can begin to spoil and destroy our lives. The soul within each of us is our greatest individual strength. It is the compass through which God leads us on our most productive and happy life's path. It is the map that plots the course to the loving and kind spouse that is meant just for us. It It is the pathway that will lead to the best career path, to the right friends, and to all the many blessings that await us.

The Family


After the soul, the next priority of oppressing spirits is to attack and destroy the family. It is important to understand that the destruction of the traditional family unit is of utmost importance to these filthy spirits. It is within the family group that God's greatest works are done and it is the foundation for a strong community and a healthy overall societal structure. Without the family, God's plan here upon this earth crumbles.


We arrive in this world helplessly needing love, care, guidance and education. Our families are usually the first ones on the scene to provide these vital commodities. Whether we believe that our upbringings were good or bad, we literally would not be alive and functional without family. While family should be a great haven of unconditional love and support, quite often this is not the case. Many people, from one degree to another, blame parents and family for their emotional issues and personal failings. Some who have suffered emotional and physical abuse, believe marriage and family to be a negative institution rather than a support. While family is designed to be a powerful temporal and spiritual support system, if these spirits can turn the family unit into a nest of destruction rather than love, they are able to more efficiently accomplish their baneful plans.


When we allow these spirits into our hearts and homes, they begin to blend into the familial group like a slow growing disease. They move from one family member to another working in an attempt to help us define our relationships. They put their spin on innocent comments made by others, and help us get our feelings hurt more easily. They assist us in “defending” ourselves against, and “contending” with, those around us. Through this process we may (at least on a subconscious level) begin to consider them trusted advisors, and protectors. They also guide us in the development of our interpersonal relationship skills. This insures that we will carry their selfish and contentious nature into the future, when we start a family of our own.


It is very common to find these spirits interacting in family affairs. In the following session snippet a non-human entity talks about his work, and the work of his associates within a particular family:

SPIRIT: We are busy in her family.


RANDY: Explain what “busy” means?


SPIRIT: We make fights.




SPIRIT: I go here and they go there and then we cause fights… and then there is no talking for years and years.


RANDY: So you create contention within their relationships?


SPIRIT: Yes… I pick and pick and pick…


Later in this conversation he talks about cutting family members off. This is a reference to his success in creating division that caused some family members to cease communicating for years. This is literally the definition of the “break-up of the family". This same approach is used to cause divorce and to break-up couples with children.


When he says “I go here and they go there”, he is describing how he works in concert with other dark spirits to create contention within the family. Sometimes one spirit will move back and forth between family members, or multiple entities will coordinate with one another when causing an issue or fight. They will not only prompt the combatants as to what they should say, but they will also help the recipients of the comments define their meaning. I liken it to a stage production. It’s like these spirits slap a script into your hand, push you out on a stage, and then raise the curtain. Most of us willingly perform on cue.


Again, remembering our discussion on emotion and energy attraction, if one person draws in powerful dark energy; what do you think two or more persons in a contentious fight draw down? This is part of the reason that family fights can be so overwhelmingly impactful. This dramatically increases the ability of these spirits to manifest in the moment of the altercation, and it gives them “content” to use in creating greater division and resentment later with each of the participants individually.


Of course this approach is not only used with family, but also with friends, associates, acquaintances, and even the stranger that you had words with at the grocery store today. They are truly the authors of all contention, anger and hatred.


One More Target


Another priority target of these oppressors is God's word and truths. If over time they can diminish or even make changes in the principles that God has revealed to humankind over the millennia, then they can replace them with their own standards and priorities, which are inevitably designed to separate us from Him and His many blessings.

The Next Step: Christ, Christians and Spirit Oppression

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