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It's Time to Take Authority over Satan's Attack Upon America

Please join us during our 3 week challenge to counter Satan’s current attack upon our families, upon our faith, upon our blessings, and upon our very way of life. PLEASE SPEAK THIS REBUKE DAILY, and join hundreds of Christians who are taking authority by the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Word of our Testimonies, over the evil that has descended upon our nation.

Download the Rebuke Here

You can view, download or print the rebuke on your desktop computers here:

You can view, download or print the rebuke on your mobile devices here:

The Power of
the Rebuke Explained

Did you know that the rebuke was utilized by Jesus himself when dealing with dark spiritual influences. In the video below we discuss the details and the power of this remarkable process.

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Randy & Elise Petersen, the founders of Christian Family, would like to personally welcome you and share some helpful tips on how get the most from our website.

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The Problem


Learn about the missing component in modern day Christianity, a component that if ignored, can cause a disconnect from God and his love and his blessings.

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The Christian
Family Blog


These are latest articles, tips and ideas on making a better connection with God's love, by disconnecting from darkness.

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