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The Missing Half of the Truth that Will Set You Free


Most Christians are missing a foundational truth. A truth that is being undertaught and poorly applied in Christianity today.

Occult Dangers Revealed - Tell All Series Intro


Elise is a co-founder of Christian Family Guardianship. In this video series, she exposes the dark affects of occult activities.

Tarot Card Dangers Revealed - Tell All


Elise of Christian Family Guardianship, exposes the dangerous and deceptive occult practice of tarot card reading.

CFG Videos
God's Plan vs Destiny Numerology Tell All


The dangers of following divination through numerology and astrology, in place of God's plan for your life. 

Resist the Devil
3 Day Challenge


Join our 3 day Challenge to fight the devil and save our country. You can download the prayer and rebuke HERE.

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