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Vigilance: Becoming Aware

Now that we have revealed the existence and character profile of these destructive spirits, the next obvious question usually is: What can I do about it? Well the first step to overcoming their influence is awareness. Many of us unwittingly yet willingly participate with darkness on a daily basis. We may believe their words of personal degradation or even repeat them. We may emotionally attack others on cue. We may hurt our own family members and loved ones with little thought or hesitation. If you want to end the cycle, you must willingly begin to attempt to break free from it. You must start by not only understanding your adversaries but by becoming aware of them.


Jesus gave his disciples some important guidance in this regard while in The Garden of Gethsemane when in Matthew 26:41 he said:


Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.


 I always thought it interesting that he counseled them to watch and pray rather than pray and watch. Most of us would probably make prayer the priority when fighting darkness, but Jesus placed the emphasis on vigilance. This is in fact the first critical step in standing up to and overcoming them. So as we begin this quest, one of the most important things that must be understood when trying to find these influences within our own lives is that… they are always working hard not to be found.



Bad Spiritual Stealth


The greatest weapon that these dark entities use against the living is stealth. It is a top priority to keep their existence concealed. They want us to blame ourselves, or our experiences, or our parents, or anything else that will lead us away from the real source of our misery… THEM.


Within society in general, a move away from a belief in a spiritual side of existence can be readily observed. Meticulous skepticism and doubt are the hallmarks of the 21st century “sane and reasonable” mind, and belief is a byproduct of bygone superstitious and ignorant eras. It is ludicrous to think that wisdom and knowledge might be obtained from a “mythical” Creator, when everyone knows that the only way to become enlightened is at the feet of “educated” men and women, who gained their information through the tutelage of other “accredited” men and women.


Dark spirits express great joy concerning such attitudes and their ever increasing popularity today. They love the fact that the “societal elite” are teaching that you will only find your answers through the prevailing judgment and wisdom of mankind. They know that to these modern day mentors, the proposition that life’s answers might be available through a connection with God is not only implausible, but causes outrage in the hearts of many.


Most of all, they love that their very existence and the controlling and devastating results of their influence have been given lots of clinical labels. They are thrilled that instead of being taught to fight them, we are being encouraged to accept and manage them or (in other words) learn to live with them.


Psychological Psupport


Today when most of us have serious problems or issues, we turn to modern psychology and psychiatry. If we personally begin to emotionally breakdown, we see a counselor or psychologist. If our marriage has issues, we get our answers from counselors and psychologists. If our children show signs of behavioral problems, we usher them to a counselor or psychologist. Today the intangible worlds of mind and emotion are supported by the foundation of psychology and psychiatry.


My intention here is not to denigrate this fine profession, but to discuss our overall societal thought process concerning it. In fact, I believe that without modern mental health services, the world as we know it would probably be on fire. The truth is that within my work, I at times recommend that some of my patrons take advantage of mental health services, in conjunction with our sessions.


For instance, if someone comes to me suffering from an addiction to drugs, I might recommend that they also see a good addiction counselor. While we are treating the core spiritual issues, an addiction counselor will have therapies and exercises that are extremely supportive in helping the individual avoid regression back into destructive behavioral patterns. Conversely, I believe that when utilizing these conventional therapies without addressing the spiritual cause and effect, a person is much more prone to relapse.


All of this said, I believe there are some pitfalls into which we stumble within our perception of psychological counseling. I hear these negative spirits periodically talk about mental health services and how at times they can use them, and the diagnostic labels that they hang on people, to their advantage. It appears to be a favorite way to hide their existence and point the finger of blame else where. The following is a session segment in which the subject of these services was addressed:


RANDY: Are you affecting any of her other relationships?




RANDY: Who else?


SPIRIT: Her mother.


RANDY: What are you doing with her mother?


SPIRIT: She is losing her attachment to her mother… seeing how her mom is responsible for her anger.


RANDY: Who told her that her mother is responsible for her anger?


SPIRIT: Psychology.


RANDY: What do you think of psychology… psychiatrists?


SPIRIT: It’s convenient…


RANDY: Why do you say that?


SPIRIT: It’s taking the focus off of us.


RANDY: Is it putting the focus in a place you can use, a place that you like?




RANDY: Where is it placing the focus?


SPIRIT: Inside their minds.


RANDY: And they in turn will do what if they believe it is inside their minds?


SPIRIT: Blame themselves… Blame their parents… Blame their experiences… Blame everything but what is to blame… it’s awfully convenient for us.


RANDY: How does that help you? Worst case scenario is that she ends up institutionalized; how does that help you?


SPIRIT: She can’t work towards her goals.


RANDY: She then doesn’t do what she was sent here to do; am I getting close?


SPIRIT: That’s true.


RANDY: Let’s say she gets heavily medicated and starts moving forward again, that medication is going to slow you guys somewhat; isn’t it?


SPIRIT: Medication clouds her mind to where we can do what we want.


RANDY: So you actually believe that the popularly prescribed psychotropic drugs help you guys in the long-run?


SPIRIT: When she was on them before, we had control.


In this segment we see that these spirits use these diagnoses to their advantage if possible. They believe that it moves the attention away from them and points the blame back at the individual or their loved ones. This appears to play right into their hands since they want each of us to believe negatively about ourselves and our families.


While mental health professionals never tell an individual with a diagnosis of a mental dysfunction that it is their fault, many teach that the patient has a chemical imbalance or disorder that cannot be cured, but must be “managed” with drugs. In other words, (words a mental health professional would never literally utter) they are broken. The patient in a sense believes that this condition is a part of who they are, and in that same sense, they embrace it and the need to manage it as being a part of them.


If the condition is in fact being motivated by destructive spiritual influences, then the patient has just invited the attached spirits to stay and continue to be a part of them. This is a powerfully impactful dynamic, in that once diagnosed by a qualified professional; the patient becomes a believer in the limitations dictated by the diagnosis, the very limitations that the oppressing spirits originally came to inflict.


In another session with a different woman, that had been seeing various psychiatrists and counselors for over twenty years, another discussion about this subject arose. The non-human spirit to which I am speaking here, has just insinuated that he is not only manipulating the patient, but also the therapist during their weekly sessions:


RANDY: So how do you affect the therapist that is sitting across the room from her?


SPIRIT: Her words…


RANDY: So you give the therapist words and concepts to relay to her?


SPIRIT: Yes… We know her…


RANDY: You know who?


SPIRIT: We know her…


RANDY: The therapist?




RANDY: How do you know her so well?


SPIRIT: The visits…


RANDY: So you have spent some time with her, on her, getting to know her; correct?




RANDY: Have you made connections with the therapist as well during these visits.




(These spirits can either gain access “on the fly” if an opening exists or coordinate with existing attached spirits, in this case possibly already with the therapist.)


RANDY: So basically, you are trying to send your advice through a counselor in the hopes that she will have to listen to it and respect it, or at least be threatened or confused by it; correct?




RANDY: Lots of information?


SPIRIT: Lots of people.


RANDY: Lots of people, not just this therapist?




RANDY: Who else do you do this with?


SPIRIT: Doctors… Counselors…


RANDY: Medical doctors?


SPIRIT: Sometimes (Said with hesitation)


RANDY: Which other counselors are you doing this with?


SPIRIT: Psychiatrists


RANDY: Psychiatrists? So you are feeding bad advice through psychiatrists?




RANDY: Then what do you do; move over to her and try to get her to accept it?


SPIRIT: Just confused… Confuse her…


RANDY: You want a lot of different opinions; is that correct?




RANDY: So she won’t know where to get her answers?




RANDY: What are some of the messages that you have sent through these psychiatrists?


SPIRIT: Make her doubt herself. Make her think she needs medicine.


RANDY: Make her think she’s going crazy?






SPIRIT: Make her think she can’t handle it.


Later in the session with the same woman, another spirit came forward and a similar discussion ensued:


RANDY: What else are you guys doing to her?


SPIRIT: We label her.


RANDY: What kind of labels do you hang on her?


SPIRIT: ADD… Bipolar…


RANDY: So you tell her that she has all of these conditions.




RANDY: But she doesn’t?




RANDY: Is Bipolar just the influence of your kind?




RANDY: How about ADD; what the heck is that?


SPIRIT: Confusion


RANDY: Are you causing that confusion?


SPIRIT: Yeah… You can’t think straight.


RANDY: Have you operated through counselors and psychiatrists?




RANDY: And what do you have them tell her?


SPIRIT: Make her feel like she’s not normal.


RANDY: That she has all of these conditions and they need to be treated?


SPIRIT: Yeah… They confirm what we tell her.


RANDY: That she’s screwed up?




RANDY: And you like that?


SPIRIT: It works!


Here we see the ominous claim that these spirits are influencing some of the counselors and psychiatrists that she has visited over the years. Now I find that these spirits can influence and send messages through others, so why would certain mental health professionals be immune. As a matter of fact, one might think that they would be a priority since they counsel people all day long, and in theory would be a great avenue through which deception could be achieved.


I think it's important to stop here and clarify that I am not saying that all mental health professionals are under the influence or dark spiritual manipulation. Again, allow me to state that I believe this profession has helped a lot of people, and that most of these practitioners are kind and compassionate individuals whose priority will always be the wellbeing of their patients.


This said, I do believe that if you embark upon a career that involves helping people with their problems, you have a greater than average responsibility to strive to connect with the wisdom and guidance that comes from God. If you solely rely upon the judgment and precepts of mankind, and your own judgment, you are absolutely setting-up yourself and your patients for deception, to one degree or another.


Don’t forget that these spirits will use and twist anything, good or bad, to achieve their malevolent objectives. They will turn mother against son, brother against sister, friend against friend, and even therapist against patient. No one is off limits.


So am I saying that you have to be afraid of therapists now? No. What I am saying is that you should use good sense when choosing a mental health professional. If it is one that you are going to be visiting long term, do a little research. If a person with whom I work is seeking out a counselor or psychiatrist I always recommend that they look for one that personally holds some spiritual belief.


It’s alright to tell them about your core spiritual beliefs and ask if they are comfortable talking about them with you, and operating within them. It is not outside the bounds of propriety to ask them about their own personal spiritual beliefs, and whether they utilize them in preparation for their work. You might want to find a counselor that takes a spiritual approach within his or her practice. If this is the case, find out if their beliefs “generally” mesh with your own. These facts can usually be ascertained through brief conversations over the telephone.


Additionally, I suggest that they not look at mental health services as their savior, or the center of their solution. Instead they should be seen as a vital tool and support in their recovery. The center of the solution for all of us needs to be God and the light and healing love that He is offering. I even give this recommendation concerning my services.


They are a support and are designed to help them make this connection. I know that the ideal way for individuals to get lasting answers and solutions is by connecting with God's spirit. Because of this, I don’t hand out a lot of specific personal advice, or micro-manage people’s problems. While I strive to stay connected to God's wisdom and direction, I still need to be careful not to let my personal judgment into the process concerning their specific, individual issues.

Medicating the Spirit


The above transcript segments contain what seem to be derogatory references to prescription psychoactive medications such as Prozac or Zoloft. I do in fact hear these spirits regularly say that they want people on these types of meds for extended periods of time, although I would say that their preferred scenario would seem to be the overuse of short term meds like opioid based pain killers or anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax or Valium. Keep in mind that one of the reasons they desire this is not just because of increased control, but that it can cause the individual to turn to the drug as their solution, so they will be less likely to turn to God.


While their overall goal appears to be the over use or long term use of these medications, it does not make these drugs inherently bad. These meds have their purpose, and have saved a lot of lives. Again, one of the greatest problems concerning these drugs is attitude and perception.


Quite often a person will visit a general practitioner and receive a 12 minute diagnosis, whose treatment includes these types of meds. The perception becomes that once on the medications, your problem is solved and you can resume your life just as you were before. While the patient might begin to feel better because their brain chemistry is being artificially altered, their core issues go undiagnosed and unaddressed. Sometimes, overtime, these meds begin to lose their effectiveness.


And what is the common solution to this development? Do we now deal with the real issues? No… We increase the dosage! Again, overtime as the dosage continues to be increased and new meds are added to the cocktail, the patient may become numb and lethargic, resembling more of a lobotomy recipient than a happy productive person.


Even considering all of this, these drugs are a miraculous blessing for some people, and they provide relief and buy more time to find the real solution, but they are not the solution. They are not a savior, but they are another tool and support in the quest for stability and happiness for some. Ideally they can be used until through spiritual pursuits, God's influence is being efficiently received and utilized.


All of this stated, if you are currently on such medications do not alter your dosage or discontinue their use without the guidance and direction of a licensed physician. You should always continue to follow the advice of a trusted doctor concerning all such prescription drugs. You cannot base important decisions about medications on generalities, but these determinations should always be made on a case by case basis, with the guidance of a qualified medical professional.


If you suffer from a severe mental disorder such as paranoid schizophrenia, or any condition that causes dramatic mood swings, character change, delusions and/or hallucinations, DO NOT CHANGE OR DISCONTINUE YOUR PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS IN ANY WAY without the direct guidance of your doctor.


In many cases these are truly miraculous, life saving medications that bring a measure of normalcy and peace back to the individual and their families, and some may need to take them for the rest of their lives.  



Buddy, Old Pal of Mine


A number of years ago, I was giving a blessing to my niece. When the session was complete, she had the most interesting experience to recount. She said that about ten minutes into the session, she felt a group of people (spirits) approach her. There were about five or six of them and they began to encourage her to get up and end the blessing. They basically told her that they thought that this was boring, and they wanted to go and have some fun. At this point she told them to get lost and they seemed to leave.


Within another ten minutes they were back, again encouraging her to get up and end the session. To this new plea she remembers responding with “Why do you guys always do this to me when I am trying to better myself?” This reply to their request did not seem to come from her conscious mind, but intuitively from her subconscious or soul.


After the session she realized that these spirits had been with her most of her life, and had been diverting her from important and productive activities with the allure of fun and escape. When describing these spiritual companions she said, “They’re like party buddies… You know they’re not good for you, but you hangout with them anyway”.



Tried and Truly Bad


It is a fact that most of us have had these types of spirit friends or advisors at one time or another throughout our lives. They may have, on a subconscious level, portrayed themselves as protectors, making sure that no one took advantage of us. They perhaps helped us fight certain people and avoid others altogether. Perhaps we perceived them as guardians that provided warnings of danger, using fear to steer us clear of opportunities that they deemed to risky. Or maybe they just helped us have fun and avoid the responsibilities of life.


And perhaps we have trusted their advice for most of our lives and we wouldn’t know what to do without them. And finally, perhaps they are false spirits that have been sent to keep us off task and away from our true path, and we have been misled. What’s a person to do? Again we must first become “aware of the approach”. This can be a tricky thing to achieve, since we have perhaps considered the assistance and inspiration from these influences as positive at times.


For instance, say that your little helpers have been encouraging you to be mistrusting and contentious of others. This they have taught is necessary; otherwise you will be taken advantage of. You have always valued this part of yourself, and have worked towards increasing this “savvy” personality trait. In reality these promptings have been coming from dark spirits, which have been using you as a tool through which they cause contention and mistrust. They have also driven you off your intended path, and exorcised (with your help) certain people from your life; people that had been placed there to help you. This in the most simple of terms is known as:


Deception = to cause to accept as true or valid that which is false or invalid.


In other words you have been tricked into believing that what you have been doing is good and productive, when in reality it has been on balance a very destructive life approach.



Dark Empowerment


I remember early on in my work, a woman in her late sixties coming to see me because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had done some healing work on her the first time that we met and she could feel the spiritual light flowing from my hands, so she was excited about setting up an appointment.


On the day of our first session as she walked through the door of my office, I could visually see something surrounding her. It looked like she had a pane of smoked glass in front of her entire body, so dark was her countenance. Clearly it was saturated with the dark spiritual energy that we have discussed.


As I proceeded with the initial interview, she told me of her various life issues. She worked at the local university and was at odds with almost everyone in her department. In fact, there hardly seemed to be a person with whom she associated, that was not out to damage or malign her in some fashion. She also told of her adult daughter, who had recently written her off permanently, asking her mother never to contact her again. This she ascribed to a relatively mainstream religion to which the daughter belonged, blaming their divide on such spiritual pursuits.


It is interesting to note that after her daughter had rejected her, she became very outwardly distraught and dramatic. During this time, she told me that she wanted to die and at times would verbally cry out for death. It was shortly after this period that she was diagnosed with cancer.


As I watched the anger bubble under the surface, she reassured me that most of these people were not going to get away with it, and that she would continue to fight them to the end. She truly believed that her anger was an empowering emotion, without which she would be defenseless.


In our second session I tried to explain to her the dynamics of the spiritual energies that surrounded her, and that if she truly wished to obtain a level of peace and healing, she would have to let go of the “spirit of anger”, onto which she was holding so tightly. After I had made these comments she looked appalled. She made it clear to me that she would be defenseless without her rage. How would she defend herself? She couldn’t let them all get away with it!


The morning following this session, she left a brief voice mail message telling me that my approach just wasn’t for her, after which I never heard from her again. It is unfortunate that the very thing that this woman thought was her savior, most likely led to her demise.


No doubt she was probably “a pill” with which to deal and the dark spirit that she was drawing in, because of her powerful anger and hatred, was at the center of her problems. It was most likely being pushed towards those with whom she associated, fueling many of her relationship issues, as it was also most likely being used to grow the cancer that she so wanted to overcome.


In many corners of our society we are being taught that emotions like anger can be healthy and productive. Often from these camps we hear teachings like: “Everybody gets angry, it’s part of who you are, so own it.” “You may be able to learn how to control it, but you will never overcome it.” “All couples have contentious fights… it can be a healthy part of the process.” “Letting off a little steam is good for you and will make you feel better.” It is understandable how they have come to these conclusions, but without any comprehension of the spiritual dynamics that rule this earth, their advice becomes quite dangerous.


Of course you feel better when you explode with anger. You’ve just released all that dark energy that you have been harboring and have probably dumped it onto someone else. While it is not healthy to internalize such anger and repress it, it is preferable to work towards minimizing or eliminating the process altogether. Of course if you believe that it is impossible to overcome such negative emotions, then you will be much less likely to try.



Pick Your Poison


Maybe your issue is fear and you believe that it is a positive thing because it keeps you safe, or maybe you are just inherently fearful and you believe that you must always be that way. Perhaps you are possessively jealous or suspicious of your mate, and you believe that this is a quality that protects your relationship from outside influences and breakup. Maybe you are controlling in nature and you order others around, and deal with them in a terse or manipulative fashion. You do this because you believe it is the only way you are going to be happy and get what you want out of life.


Or if you believe that any negative character trait is a positive, empowering tool, you have been deceived and are participating in your own long term suffering and misery. You have invited destructive spirits to guide you and to literally work through you. Remember that these influences are not just affecting you but may be reaching out through you, and affecting those closest to you.


Today I commonly hear some women say that they are proud to be a “bitch” and that they believe it to be empowering. I see men becoming more and more aggressive in nature. Many walk around with homicidal scowls on their faces, sporting the “prison sheik” look, and acting as if they are ready to kick somebody's butt at the least little misunderstanding. If you fit these molds, you have been deceived and you are being used toward your own demise, and the destruction of your family and others. Yes, the temporal world can be a jungle and many are vying to be the badest monkey in the trees, but they will never truly be happy monkeys.


Again if you are being led by dark spiritual influence and you hold on to it as positive, then no one is going to be able to pry that influence from your life. One of the hardest things to do is to admit that these influences are destructive and to then walk away from them. It takes a great deal of introspection and a little integrity.


If you can do this, then you may have a chance at rooting out the deepest of these dark spiritual weeds from your life and the lives of your family.  




If you believe that the dark solution is the positive and productive answer, then you will most likely believe that the answer and assistance that is sent from the from God is negative or false. For example, I remember talking with a friend of mine that was having a lot of personal issues in her life, over which she worried and tended to overanalyze. She was a realist, believing that she must always be on her guard, watching for the next overwhelming crisis.


As we were discussing this, another acquaintance of ours came up in the conversation. This other girl had just the opposite attitude toward life. Yes, she had problems too, but she didn’t seem to focus on them as my friend did. She seemed more focused on the things that gave her joy, and appeared to take the negative in stride, having an overall positive outlook on life.


My friend with the negative outlook, referred to this girl in a derogatory fashion, calling her a “Pollyanna”. I remember that she queried concerning this girl’s attitude, “Should I go around believing that everything is just wonderful like she does, when in reality it’s not?”


Now my friend appeared to be getting her advice from a spiritual source that was promising her that more trouble was on the way and that she had better constantly keep that in mind, or she might be overtaken by it. This advisor clearly wanted my friend to believe that life in general was a “kick in the teeth” and that she shouldn’t expect anything good in the future.


Conversely, the other girl seemed to be heeding spiritual advice that dictated that there was much about which to be happy and that the bad things would pass in time. She also appeared to understand that she could grow and become stronger as a result of life’s challenges.


As you can see from my friend’s “Pollyanna” comment, she not only did not believe in the more hopeful approach that the other girl was applying, but she seemed to have contempt for it. If the more optimistic girl’s approach was coming from God, the belief that my friend embraced was going to keep her from understanding, let alone accepting the rosier outlook.


Identifying and overcoming such an ingrained system of belief is not an easy task. The individual holding the negative beliefs are usually the first to defend them. Even if someone that they may respect, like a professional counselor, try’s to help them understand, their onboard spiritual advisor will probably prevail in the “day in - day out” battle.


These types of destructive and false doctrines can encompass any life approach or personal trait, and can transcend into any other type of belief including those of a spiritual or even a sociopolitical nature.


It is important that we be careful concerning the activities with which we connect ourselves. Most come with associated belief systems, and if we are too closely connected, we may find ourselves preaching their doctrines throughout the rest of our lives. It is critical to know from whence your message is coming, before you begin proselytizing it.



The Blame Game


Dark spirits understand that healthy introspection or self-analysis is one of the greatest threats to their continued advisory duties within the living. As a result, one of the most impactful ways that they keep us from looking “within” is in helping us avoid fault. When we make mistakes, as we were sent here to do, they encourage us to lay blame elsewhere. Maybe it is the circumstances that we label as culprit or perhaps we blame everyone else for our problems.


Whatever the reason, some of us are rarely able to identify our own personal responsibility within any situation. In this fashion, these spirits definitely represent themselves to their living host as a defender and protector, always on their side. Unfortunately the assistance that they purport to give is more like cement, encasing the living victim in a stagnant, miserable life with no hope for growth or improvement. If we refuse to identify personal areas of weakness within ourselves then positive development is improbable, since there is no perceived need and no accompanying motivation toward change.


The key to eliminating these stealthful dark counselors is to identify them as false and then to fully reject them, by separating ourselves from the activities and approaches that they promote. By identifying and eliminating our false spiritual advisors, and trying to open our hearts and minds to the guidance within God's light through healthy and balanced introspection, these closely held earthly beliefs can be adjusted and brought into balance.


Open Your Eyes

We have found that one of the most important things you can do in combating dark spiritual influence is to adopt an unwavering belief in their existence, and to become aware of their influence within your daily life. You cannot fight something that you do not believe is there.


If you believe that their directions are your inner voice then you will continue to follow them for the rest of your life. If you listen to their lies and false promptings and follow them, they will in fact become your God and you will become a child of darkness.


But if as Jesus encouraged, you will become aware of the signs of their presence and act accordingly to counter them, you will become more and more attuned to God's presence and loving guidance. It is very common to hear these spirits comment in subsequent sessions that the living person has been resisting them, and as a result the approach that they have been using is no longer working. 

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