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Emotional Oppression

As I continued to learn about these menacing spirits and how they operated, there was hardly an emotional condition which they didn't claim some level of complicity, but when they started to boast about their ability to cause and manipulate physical pain, at first I struggled to understand, let alone believe how such a thing could be possible. For instance a living person might not only hear their words of depression within her mind but also feel the emotional energy of despair. They claim to then cause physical pain within the body in order to wear the person down and to try to cause them to "give in" so to speak. Negative oppressing spirits claim again and again to be able to manipulate a living person on all of these levels.


What a Pain!


A woman in her early 40’s named Makenna came to me complaining of depression, fatigue, and unexplainable chronic headaches and back pain. During one of our ESAT sessions we found an interesting non-human culprit. The following is a portion of the transcript from that session:

RANDY: What is your assignment?


SPIRIT: To stop her…


RANDY: To stop her from doing what?


SPIRIT: Anything good.


RANDY: How do you do that?


SPIRIT: What she thinks… How she feels…


RANDY: You influence her thoughts and her feelings… is that what you are saying?


SPIRIT: That’s part of it… the body… how it feels.


RANDY: Continue… her body feels what?


SPIRIT: Pain… [She] doesn’t feel good…


RANDY: Are you causing that pain and fatigue?


SPIRIT: Of course! (Said very proudly and “matter of fact-ly”)


RANDY: What specific pains are you causing with Makenna?


SPIRIT: [Her] back… head… legs…


RANDY: You’re causing her headaches?


SPIRIT: Yes… I cause her headaches.


RANDY: Are you proud of that?


SPIRIT: Yep… I’m doing my job! (Very flippant and proud)


RANDY: So she has some back pain, headaches, some leg pain; what is that going to lead to? How do you benefit from that?


SPIRIT: She’ll stay in bed or she’s taking medication to compensate, and then she doesn’t do what she needs to do…


RANDY: It keeps her from functioning, and doing productive things; is that what you’re saying?




RANDY: You said that you influence her thoughts. How do you influence her thoughts?


SPIRIT: When she doesn’t feel good, I can just say things and she hears them.


RANDY: And she believes you?


SPIRIT: Not always…


RANDY: But sometimes?


SPIRIT: A lot of times.


RANDY: Give me an example of a thought that you have used recently.


SPIRIT: Nobody cares.


RANDY: That nobody cares about her?




RANDY: I’m fascinated… this is fascinating. And you’re pretty effective at this?


SPIRIT: Oh yeah!


RANDY: Something of which to be proud?




RANDY: I’m amazed that you can do such a thing, tell me more. What other thoughts do you use?


SPIRIT: Guilt… She does good with guilt.


RANDY: She deals well with the guilt?


SPIRIT: No… she does good, or in other words, I get a lot accomplished with her guilt.


RANDY: What kind of guilt do you put into her head?


SPIRIT: When she doesn’t get things done that she wants.


RANDY: So you cause physical problems or fatigue, and then when she doesn’t get things done, you punish her with guilt. Correct?


SPIRIT: If that’s what you want to call it.


RANDY: Well am I right or am I wrong?


SPIRIT: That’s the way she takes it.


This spirit had Mackenna coming and going. He began by influencing thought and then enhanced the delivery of those thoughts with pain and fatigue. He then wore her down further with messages of hopelessness and loneliness, making her truly believe that no one cared. As if this wasn’t sickeningly sufficient, he would then drive her to bed with pain, and then torture her with guilt about the fact that she was not getting anything accomplished. This was a cycle that was repeated over and over again, dissolving her hope and her resolve.


Much like brutal prison guards, these entities routinely use physical pain to make their living hosts more pliable. The use of pain makes the living person “stressed” and in time “depressed”. In this state they not only hear the dark promptings more clearly, but begin to believe them as fact.


The process by which these spirits cause pain is unknown, but I have found that they commonly work on weakened areas of the body, such as damaged tissues from past accidents and trauma, or from generally poor health. At first I questioned whether these spirits could cause such physical distress, but then I began to witness them inflict moderate pain on some of my people during ASAT sessions in an attempt to halt the process. Additionally, as with Makenna, once these spirits are removed, it is not uncommon to see a moderate to dramatic decrease in such chronic pain.


Even without the influence of pain, the overall process of emotional and mental manipulation by dark spiritual influence is the same; the only difference is the content. A person can experience any emotional or mental issue by way of this process.

Negative Nellie


Have you ever felt that you were no good? Perhaps you hear in your head, from time to time, that you can’t do anything right? Could it be that you feel that nothing will ever work out for you? Or you hear, over and over, that no one loves or cares for you… If this or something similar to it is the teleplay of your mind, then you may have some script writers on staff of which you are unaware.


Manufactured negative thoughts are a powerful technique that is used by these entities to emotionally suffocate their living victims. They are counting on the living to perceive that the thoughts are their own, and hope they will eventually believe and live by these false doctrines.


It’s very common to hear these spirits say things like, “I tell her that she’s stupid” or “I tell him that he’s a loser and no one respects him”. Years of these types of internal comments will destroy a person’s self worth, and steer them onto bad life paths.


These spirits sometimes refer to such promptings as “dark thoughts” and claim to “surround” the person with them as if they were being engulfed by a cloud of dark energy.



Fear Factor


Fear is probably the most powerfully debilitating emotion. It is at the core of many mental and emotional conditions, and is the basis for all types of phobias. During an ASAT session with a woman suffering from extreme fear, one of these spirits came forward and talked about this potent emotion:


RANDY: How do you approach her?


SPIRIT: We just get dark thoughts around her, surround them like that….


RANDY: Surround her with dark thoughts…




RANDY: Can you tell me what kind of dark thoughts? What is the nature of the dark thoughts?


SPIRIT: Mmm…. Failure…. Fear….


RANDY: So you encourage people to fear?


SPIRIT: Yeah… fear…. Fear to do anything. Fear that they won’t like it. Fear this… Fear’s strong….


RANDY: Is fear the most powerful tool you use?


SPIRIT: With her it is!


RANDY: Uh Huh…


SPIRIT: And I think it is with most people.


Repeatedly I find these spirits using fear as a weapon against the living. They discourage positive change quite often by simply using fear. We humans tend to cling to the familiar and that which is comfortable, even when we are in a destructive situation or just stuck in a rut. They motivate us toward fear so that we won’t face challenges and take opportunities for growth. Again fear is used in too many ways to catalogue all of them here.

Bluer than Blue:


The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 16.1 million Americans suffer from depression. This includes major depressive disorders like dysthymic disorder and bipolar disorder. Again, it is not uncommon to hear these spirits take credit for a person’s depressed state. It is the topic of discussion in the following session transcript snippet:


RANDY:  What are the techniques that are used to slow a person down?


SPIRIT:  Depression


RANDY:  And you can cause that; can’t you?


SPIRIT:  YEAH… THAT’S EASY! (Said loud, proud, and gleefully)


RANDY:  Is it easy?


SPIRIT:  OH YEAH! (Boastful laughter)


RANDY:  How do you cause that?


SPIRIT:  Just tell them all the negative things.


Once again we see the culprit of “negative chatter” or promptings come forward. These dark thoughts, and the energies that they attract, surround and emotionally asphyxiate the living victim.


I find depression to be one of the most common approaches used by these spirits. It is very effective in slowing or shutting down the living person, and it is a state in which these dark spirits can be heard much more vividly.



You Should be Ashamed of Yourself


Guilt, especially excessive guilt, is one of the most absolutely devastating approaches that one person can use with another. Attempting to control or manipulate others with guilt is reprehensible, and the damage that is created within the target of this abuse is quite often extensive and irreversible. When we use guilt as a weapon against others, we are capitalizing on good qualities like love and conscience for selfish gain, no matter how honorable we may think the reason.


A woman came to me suffering from crippling guilt, mostly concerning her upbringing and the religious standards that she had been taught. During our third ESAT session a spirit emerged claiming credit for these powerful pangs.


RANDY:  What do you say to her?


SPIRIT:  I just tell her that she’s bad.


RANDY:  You tell her that she’s a bad person?


SPIRIT:  I say lots of things.


RANDY:  Give me some more examples of what you say to her.


SPIRIT:  You’re not good enough. You’re going to Hell.


RANDY:  You tell her that she is going to Hell?




RANDY:  Do you ever do it in conjunction with her behavior or the activities in which she is participating?


SPIRIT:  Sometimes


RANDY:  What activities would you connect with going to Hell?


SPIRIT:  Drinking… Sex… Lots of things… THOUGHTS!


RANDY:  Did you say thoughts?


SPIRIT:  Yes; I just put the thoughts in her mind and then I tell her because she’s thinking that, she is going to Hell.


This twisted spirit was creating the thoughts and, knowing that she would receive them as her own, he would then punish her for them. This process was repeated over and over again, until the burden of guilt became too much to bear. Her spiritual values were a good thing in her life, but they were being used against her in a dark fashion. These spirits will use anything to their advantage; valued beliefs, friends, family members; nothing is off limits. A healthy conscience is one thing, but manipulating with guilt is altogether and always wrong.


Chewing Nails and Spitting Tacks


A young woman named Suzanne came to me concerned about the (at times) uncontrollable anger in her life. What was of greatest concern was her contentious interactions with her four year old daughter. The previous day they had a fight that ended in Suzanne grabbing her daughter tersely, during which the girl made brief contact with a wall. While her daughter was not injured, Suzanne was frightened by the event. She felt that she did not have control of herself when she grabbed the girl, and was concerned about future confrontations.


During our second ESAT session, we found a non-human spirit residing in the area of her countenance located over her right hand, the very hand that she used to grab her daughter. The following is a portion of that transcript:


RANDY:  So you have been causing contention between Suzanne and her daughter; correct?




RANDY:  They had a fight, I think it was yesterday; is that correct?


SPIRIT:  Yeah (Said Laughing)


RANDY:  You were there, weren’t you?




RANDY:  How did that all start?


SPIRIT:  It started with Suzanne losing control. We took over and made it worse. We made the anger stronger, and made Suzanne grab her daughter by the arm, forcefully. We made Suzanne so angry she couldn’t stop.


RANDY:  A huh…


SPIRIT:  But she has resistance now.


RANDY:  She’s fighting you guys?




RANDY:  So basically if she gets angry or you can prod her into getting angry, then you take a certain amount of control over her; is that what you’re saying to me?


SPIRIT:  Yes… We can’t do anything without the anger.


RANDY:  So she has to be in that negative state, that low frequency emotional state; is that correct?




RANDY:  And then we get little peeks of you; don’t we?




RANDY:  We hear from you; don’t we?




RANDY:  Those are your words… That’s you grabbing the child in a sense; isn’t it?




RANDY:  What is your goal between Suzanne and her daughter? What are you trying to accomplish through this anger and this type of interaction?


SPIRIT:  Dissolve their bond!


RANDY:  Dissolve their bond?


SPIRIT:  It’s not strong anyway.


RANDY:  Why do you say that?


SPIRIT:  They are drifting apart with our help.


RANDY:  I’d say they’re being forced apart.


SPIRIT:  (No response)


RANDY:  So after the little altercation yesterday, did you or one of your kind tell her daughter how to interpret this whole event?




RANDY:  What did you tell her to think about all of this?


SPIRIT:  Mommy hates her!


RANDY:  Is that what you told her?




RANDY:  How nice… Did you tell her anything else?


SPIRIT:  That she doesn’t need her Mom… She doesn’t need anybody.


RANDY:  Did you give her any promptings concerning her feelings towards her mother?


SPIRIT:  Yes… Hate! To hate her and not trust her.


RANDY:  And you believe you’re having success in this area; don’t you?


SPIRIT:  Yes I am! (Said proudly)



In this example we see some interesting components. The spirit tells us that Suzanne lost control, and that gave them the ability to seize control over her to a degree. He then says that they were able to increase the energy of anger, which further gave them power over Suzanne. He gives us a key component in this process when he says, “We can’t do anything without the anger.” Here we see a solid example of how our emotional state is supplying the energies necessary for these spirits to destructively manifest in our lives.


It is also worth noting that this spirit claimed to be residing over Suzanne’s right hand in an attempt to control the hand from time to time. Suzanne was left handed so the spirit claimed that she didn’t focus on the right one as much, and it gave him more opportunities for control. Also pay attention to the ability of these spirits to work on both of the living players in this melodrama. After the altercation, they immediately went to work on the daughter, spinning the event to their advantage. Lies are much more effective when seemingly concrete proof is placed before you.


You will notice that this spirit tells us that “She has resistance now.” I spent time with Suzanne in the previous session teaching her how to fight these entities, and this spirit confirms that her efforts have had an effect on their destructive influence.


All of this said, I find that anger is one of the most energetically powerful and devastating emotional states. Once you find yourself in the cycle of anger, so much rich dark spiritual energy is supplied to these spirits that it becomes a condition which is difficult overcome. You then become a valuable tool in motivating anger and fear in others.


A Fish Stew


As I continued my journey of understanding concerning the spirit world that surrounds us, I found that there is not a negative emotion that these spirits do not claim to inspire and manipulate to their advantage. Whether it is jealousy, greed, envy, resentment, or any other destructive feeling, these spirits have a finger on the trigger. Replace anger or any example that has been given so far with any other emotional issue, and the process again is still the same.

The Next Step: Mental and Physical Oppression

The next section is titled, "Mental and Physical Oppression" In this work it is not uncommon to find demonic contributors within the structure of modern day mental and behavioral disorders, with some even claiming the ability to contribute to the cause and advancement of physical disease. Please click here to continue, or click on the link below to return to the "Spirit Oppression: 101" index.

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Spirit Oppression: 101


To defeat your enemy, you must first know your enemy. Your formal education on the works of the Devil continues here.

Mental and Physical Spirit Oppression


Our next stop is the realm of emotional and physical oppression where dark spirits take credit for issues such as OCD, eating and sleep disorders, and even physical disease.

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