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Mental and Physical Oppression

The diagnosis of behavioral disorders is on the rise. ADD, OCD, Social Anxiety, Addiction, Sleep and Eating Disorders are just a few of the list of behavioral issues that permeate society today. Some of these disorders have been shown to have a physiological cause and effect. For example, Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, which is a condition that is characterized by symptoms of easy distractibility and lack of focus, has been shown to have a connection to a deficiency of the neurochemical “dopamine” in the frontal lobe of the brain. By taking a CAT scan (or CT scan) of the brain of an ADD sufferer, it has been proven that there is a marked lack of neural activity in the frontal lobe, compared to the brain of someone who does not suffer from such symptoms.

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Even though some of these disorders can be placed under the scientific “microscope” and be tied to physiological changes in the body; is it possible that there is also a spiritual factor in the mix that cannot be measured by today’s technology? In addition to the physical, some of these conditions can be associated with past mental and emotional trauma. Again within the traumatic event itself, and the aftermath years later, could there be a spiritual cause and effect?



One of the favorite dark spirit approaches is “distraction”. This lack of focus is used to keep us from accomplishing anything productive, and to cause us to deviate from our spiritual path. Whether it is intended to drive us to the couch to watch endless hours of TV daily or push us to any obsessive interaction or activity that will keep us occupied, once sufficiently distracted we no longer pose a threat to these invaders. They also claim to have the ability to cause restlessly repetitive and running thoughts or “mind chatter”.


I remember one session in particular in which a non-human spirit told of his ability to cause such symptoms:


RANDY: What are you doing to her?


SPIRIT: I won’t let her sit still.


RANDY: Making her fidgety?




RANDY: Hyper?








RANDY: What else are you doing?


SPIRIT: Distracting her.


RANDY: Anything else?


SPIRIT: Confusing her.


RANDY: You are the spirit of ADD; aren’t you pal?




RANDY: What else are you doing?


SPIRIT: We won’t let her sleep… Won’t let her relax… Won’t let her sit down…


RANDY: What’s to be gained from all of this hyperactivity?


SPIRIT: She won’t be centered in who she is.


RANDY: Lost?




RANDY: Floating? Easily manipulated into things?




RANDY: Especially by your kind?


SPIRIT: Yes… We’ll get her in the system… We’ll get her in the medical system.


RANDY: Awe… You want her to see a doctor that specializes in something like ADD; is that correct?




RANDY: So that he will then do what?


SPIRIT: Overall, they’ll mess her over.


RANDY: Mess her over how?


SPIRIT: Make her believe that there is something wrong with her.


RANDY: That she’s has a condition?


SPIRIT: Yeah; that she’s not OK.


RANDY: Something’s wrong with her brain?




RANDY: And what will that do to her? How will you succeed if that happens?


SPIRIT: She’ll never find her gifts.


RANDY: You are manipulating her gifts right now; aren’t you?




RANDY: To cause all of this hyperactivity?




RANDY: Instead of these gifts being looked at positively, they are going to be looked at as a dysfunction?




RANDY: He will then train her on how not to use them…




RANDY: And then he will give her medication that will suppress them?


SPIRIT: Yes! Then her self esteem will go down…


RANDY: Sure; she’s not as good as everyone else and she can’t accomplish things.




RANDY: That’s a pretty solid approach. I have to guess you guys have done this with other adults and children?




RANDY: A very popular approach; isn’t it?





Obsessive – Compulsive Disorder or OCD is an anxiety based condition which is characterized by obsessive, repetitive and unwanted thoughts and recurring compulsive actions known as “rituals”. Obsessive hand washing or cleaning are common examples of OCD rituals.


During an ESAT session while working with a woman with OCD tendencies, an interesting task master surfaced. This is part of the transcript from that session:


RANDY: What are you causing in her mind? Do you make her think in a certain fashion or way?


SPIRIT: Just obsessive…


RANDY: You make her become very obsessive about things?




RANDY: Many things?


SPIRIT: Everything!


RANDY: All things?


SPIRIT: From her clothes… to her cleaning.


RANDY: What do you tell her about her clothes?


SPIRIT: Put that on! No, that’s not right! Take it off!


RANDY: It doesn’t look good? It looks wrong?


SPIRIT: Yeah… It looks wrong… Try again!


RANDY: And again.


SPIRIT: And again.




SPIRIT: Look at this mess! Clean it up!


RANDY: Do you get pleasure out of watching this?




RANDY: It entertains you?




RANDY: She’s like a puppet and you are pulling her strings?




As discussed earlier, a hundred years ago OCD type tendencies were a tell tale sign of negative spiritual influence. Remember that back then it was not referred to as spirit oppression but it was called spirit obsession, because of the obsessive and compulsive characteristics that accompanied the obsessed. No matter what the name, the issue is probably still the same.





True to form, these dark spirits regularly claim involvement in many forms of addiction and crow over the effectiveness of these conditions as tools of mayhem. Take for example an out-of-control drug and alcohol abuser. This condition is not only designed to destroy the individual who is addicted, but it is also used to disrupt the lives of those around them.


Their family and friends will inevitably begin to focus all of their resources, emotional, mental and even financial upon the addicted. The condition causes everyone to begin to live in an almost constant state of fear, wondering if the lost loved one will end up in jail or worst, dead. They will most likely become “enablers” or “maintainers” in an attempt to manage the individual, and try and keep them “safe”, so to speak. This type of situation can place an entire family in the “cold deep freeze” of fear and anxiety for years.


During a session with a patron that had suffered from various addictions, a non-human came forward to talk about, among other things, cigarettes:


RANDY: What have you been involved in?


SPIRIT: Cigarettes


RANDY: You’re involved in that?


(The spirit laughs in a sinister fashion)


SPIRIT: Very much so!


RANDY: Tell me about it.


SPIRIT: Ever since she was 12.


RANDY: Who pushed her towards cigarettes?




RANDY: You got her on that path?


SPIRIT: Yes… She was angry with her brothers and sisters, and so she thought she’d smoke a cigar, and it made her feel a little better so she continued to do it.




SPIRIT: I told her she could be cool like her sister. Her sister might include her if she did the same things.


RANDY: How do you use cigarettes now to your advantage?


SPIRIT: They’re not good for her body.


RANDY: Alright; how else do you use the addiction?


SPIRIT: It takes time away from her kids.


RANDY: Standing outside smoking?




RANDY: When she starts craving cigarettes, and starts feeling uneasy about not having one; do you use that to your advantage at all?


SPIRIT: Oh yeah! It’s easier to get her frustrated that way. It’s easier to get her angry. It’s easier to get her overwhelmed. She thinks she needs that cigarette.


This disorder follows the same spiritual process regardless of the focus of the addiction. While cigarettes tend to be much less emotionally impactful, stronger addictions are greater tools in the eyes of an earthbound predatory spirit. It may be substance abuse, gambling, shopping, sex, or any other activity turned into obsessive pursuit. (There’s that word “obsessive’ again) The addiction is used to fill a void within the addict, to give the entities greater control over the addict, and to overturn the addict’s life and the lives of their family.

Eating Disorders


The A & E television network produces a show called “Intervention”. This program profiles people whose dependencies on substances or other compulsive behaviors have brought them to the point of crisis, and estranged them from their friends and family. Each episode concludes with a surprise intervention that is arranged by the family and friends of the addict.


I recall watching an episode that showcased a young woman in her early twenties named Annie. She was seriously under-weight, suffering from anorexia nervosa and bulimia. During the presentation Annie is filmed saying “My eating disorder is this voice inside my head and it’s a guy and his name is "Eddie”.


Annie keeps diaries of the abusive things that Eddie says to her, and she refers to them as her “thin-spiration” journals. Within these journals we find the details of Eddie’s abuse. Eddie tells her things like “Plus size pig! You F-ing pig! You’re a fat, untouchable, dirty, gross, jiggle, plus size pig!” Annie says that Eddie “screams” these abuses at her.


Annie is then heard to say “I watch myself like a third person outside of me… I’m just the host for this evil thing that took over my life without me even knowing until it was too late.”


Quite often these victims will make comments that perfectly diagnose their core spiritual issue, and yet medical professionals tend to dance around such statements, thinking that they are nothing more than figments of a delusional mind.


This is unfortunate since, as mentioned in this documentary, anorexia nervosa is the most deadly of all psychological disorders. It was also mentioned that it is very common for anorexia suffers to hear these abusive voices and affix a name to them.


In the following partial session transcript, a dark spirit tells us of its approach to stop a woman from eating:


RANDY: What is your ultimate goal with her? What do you want?


SPIRIT: I want her dead!


RANDY: And how is that going to happen? How are you going to make her dead?


(The spirit chuckles)


SPIRIT: She already doesn’t want to eat.


RANDY: Are you discouraging her from eating?




RANDY: What do you tell her about eating? What is the approach?


SPIRIT: That everything is bad for her.


RANDY: In what way?


SPIRIT: It’s going to make the pain worst!


(This woman had been suffering from chronic pain that was mostly inflicted and aggravated by these abusive spirits. They used her desire to alleviate the pain to manipulate her in certain directions and to motivate her to believe certain falsehoods.)


RANDY: What are you telling her that is in the food, which will make the pain worst?


SPIRIT: Everything… She’s allergic to everything…


RANDY: Preservatives? Food allergies?


SPIRIT: Yes… and she’ll get fat!


RANDY: And you’re telling her that she’ll get fat?




RANDY: And you’re succeeding with her; aren’t you?




RANDY: So you’re trying to make her anorexic so she will just waste away?


SPIRIT: Yes! She keeps fighting us, but she’s giving in.



Sleep Disorders


Sleep disorders are on the rise and more and more people are requiring advanced sleep medications in order to get rest.


In one town where I used to live, a sleep clinic had been added to the main medical center, and independent sleep clinics were popping up all around us in surrounding towns.


Anymore to get a good night's rest, you need a doctor’s prescription and a $150 per month budget for sleep meds. To my surprise over the years, I have encountered a number of people in their teens and early twenties that depend on sleep meds for rest. Yes, sleep has become big business.


I hear references to sleep interference quite often during ASAT sessions. Here is a piece of a transcript from one of those sessions:


RANDY: What are you doing to her at night? [When she is trying to sleep]


SPIRIT: We make her feel panic.


RANDY: Anything else?


SPIRIT: We just don’t let her sleep.


RANDY: If she does sleep; what happens?


SPIRIT: We put a thought in her brain.


RANDY: A thought that does what?


SPIRIT: It wakes her up… She feels scared… Panicked…


RANDY: If you keep her from sleeping; what does that accomplish for you?


SPIRIT: She’s tired, and then when she’s tired she feels guilty.


RANDY: So when she’s tired, she’s more pliable?




RANDY: She can hear you more clearly?




RANDY: She believes what you are saying more readily?


SPIRIT: Yes… and she doesn’t have the motivation to go out and do anything.


RANDY: What do you tell her about leaving the house?


SPIRIT: She’s too tired!


The sleep deprivation approach that is used by these spirits is similar to brainwashing techniques. The victim’s sleep cycle is disrupted for days or weeks and eventually they succumb to emotional and physical exhaustion. This makes them more malleable on a mental level, and they will begin to agree with things that they would not normally accept. They then become easily driven to irritability, stress, and depression.

Weight Gain


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the rate of obesity in adults has doubled in the last 25 years, while the same rate for American children has tripled. And as Americans spend about $35 billion a year on weight loss products, this trend continues to increase. Predictably I find negative spiritual attachments using our tendency toward weight gain and obesity to their advantage. Here is an example of how one spirit was using this approach to damage a woman’s self image:


RANDY: What are you doing to her?


SPIRIT: I’m getting her to feed herself; to enjoy food.


RANDY: Is there a certain time of the day that you do this?


SPIRIT: At night.


RANDY: After what time do you find you have the greatest success?


SPIRIT: After the kids go to bed.


RANDY: Are you actually manipulating her appetite?


SPIRIT: Her cravings.


RANDY: So you give her emotional cravings for food?




RANDY: Are they directional towards certain foods?




RANDY: What types of foods?


SPIRIT: Sweets.


RANDY: What else?


SPIRIT: Anything I can get her to eat.


RANDY: Are you the only one of your kind doing this?




RANDY: How many others?




RANDY: Why are you making her eat? What’s your goal?


SPIRIT: If she gains weight, then she doesn’t like herself.


RANDY: You’re trying to affect her personal self image?




RANDY: Once she gains weight then what do you do with that? How do you specifically use that?


SPIRIT: Then we activate other promptings.


RANDY: Give me an example of what you would say to her.


SPIRIT: You’re so fat that nobody likes you! You’re not attractive!




SPIRIT: But usually it sounds more like it’s coming from her.


RANDY: You make it sound like it’s her inner voice?




RANDY: Negative self-talk?




Imagine trying to lose weight while three oppressing spirits are encouraging you to eat. Not only do they prompt you towards food, but they have the ability to manipulate emotional cravings within your body’s physiology. This would make success extremely difficult if not impossible.


At times I will find these spirits causing a “yo-yo” effect within the living host. They will encourage excessive eating for a period of time and then once the person has put on a few pounds, they begin to degrade them, telling them that they are fat.


Next they encourage them towards fad dieting and starvation. This they do to put the person in a “famine mode” so that it will be impossible for them to lose weight.


They also use this approach to physically weaken the individual and manipulate their blood sugar levels. This diminished state gives them greater control over the living person, and sets the stage to motivate irritability, mood swings, or depression.




An important component in weight loss and good health is exercise. One of the hardest things for most people to maintain is a long term exercise regimen. Let's face it, working out can be painful and not a lot of fun.


Would you be surprised if I told you that these spirits talk about interfering with the exercise habits of the living? OK, I guess that’s not much of a surprise at this point. In the following session excerpt, a non-human talks about his manipulation of a woman’s exercise habits:


SPIRIT: When she’s exercising I make her hurt.


RANDY: You inflict pain on her when she tries to exercise?




RANDY: What kind of pain do inflict when she is exercising?


SPIRIT: Her legs and hips and chest and stuff…


RANDY: And then what do you tell her concerning the pain.


SPIRIT: You’re in pain… You need to stop.


RANDY: So when she goes to exercise again in the future; what do you do?


SPIRIT: I let her start and then I stop her.


This spirit used pain to make her believe that she could never pursue an exercise discipline long term. He loved it when she would continue to try, because he saw it as just another opportunity to be used as an object lesson, to further negatively train her into this belief.

Sick and Mired


One day during an ASAT session a spirit started talking about specific physical ailments and its ability to cause them. This would be the beginning of a whole new understanding of theses dark spirits and their devastating influence in our lives. Here is part of that transcript:


RANDY: What kind of ailments can you cause?


SPIRIT: Ulcers… Headaches… BAD HEADACHES…..


RANDY: Are your kind the cause of many migraine headaches today?


SPIRIT: Yeah, we do.


RANDY: What other kinds of physical ailments do you cause?


SPIRIT: Pains in joints and in muscles.


RANDY: Can you promote life threatening disease?


SPIRIT: We do the little ones at first and they just keep getting worst and pretty soon…


At this point it wasn't uncommon to find spirits claiming to cause chronic pain within people; but what of the more life threatening conditions? Were these spirits also complicit in the promotion of disease and physical dysfunction, or did their abilities cease at pain?


I began working with a girl in her early twenties who had come seeking help with certain emotional issues. Coincidently and unrelated at the time to our work, she also suffered from a cardiac condition known as arrhythmia or irregular heart beat. At times her heart would begin to race for extended periods, and she would have to be monitored with electronic equipment.


During one of our sessions a spirit came forward that was not working on her emotionally, but had a physical task:


RANDY: Tell me what your assignment is with her?


SPIRIT: I just speed up her heart.


RANDY: Why are you doing that?


SPIRIT: To make her really tired so we can place more spirits on her.


RANDY: So your only job is to speed up her heart?




RANDY: Is there a weakness in that area?


SPIRIT: There is…


RANDY: And you are capitalizing on that?




This was the first time a spirit had copped to being involved in a serious physical ailment. Again I wondered if these spirits could in fact cause or at least worsen physical dysfunction within the body; might they also have a hand in physical disease?


On another occasion a woman in her mid 30’s came for treatment of severe anger and related issues. On a physical level she had suffered from various forms of cancer (including stomach and breast cancer) over the past 12 years. Every time the doctors would bring the cancer into remission, it would show up somewhere else. It was so serious that on a few occasions, she had faced the very real concern that she wasn’t going to make it.


During one of our sessions another landmark non-human spirit came forward:


RANDY: What do you do?


SPIRIT: I cause cancer


RANDY: And why exactly do you want to cause cancer in people?


SPIRIT: It’s what I do.


RANDY: It’s what you’re instructed to do?




RANDY: To your knowledge; are most cancers caused by your kind?




RANDY: How do you cause cancer? Do you know how you do that?


SPIRIT: Find a weakening.


RANDY: A weakening?


SPIRIT: A weakening in their body.


(This woman had been in an automobile accident about fifteen years earlier, and had a lot of damaged areas throughout her body.)


RANDY: Damaged areas?


SPIRIT: It’s not hard to cause cancer in her because of the state of her body.


RANDY: How do you turn such a weakness into cancer?


SPIRIT: If the cells are already damaged, it is very easy to change them.


RANDY: So you are actually working on a physical cellular level?




RANDY: Did someone teach you how to do this?


SPIRIT: Yes; A long, long time ago.


After this session I thought “Well now these things are taking credit for cancer: What’s next?” The fact is, I started to run into this more and more during other unrelated ASAT sessions. As a result I learned that different spirits are required to establish differing forms of cancer. In other words one spirit can’t cause all forms of the disease. As with the example of the woman above, we found eight spirits claiming involvement in the establishment and growth of her various cancers.


I also learned that there is a type of spirit that (as they put it) “plants the seed of cancer”, and there are those that work in promoting its growth. What I found of greatest interest and use, was the way they claimed to promote or grow cancer. The following transcript segment from another session, with a different person, deals with this process:


RANDY: What have you guys done to her?


SPIRIT: We’re putting it in her head first. [The belief that she is going to get cancer]


RANDY: Her head?


SPIRIT: We’re telling her… Were getting her ready for it?


RANDY: What are you telling her?


SPIRIT: Making her paranoid.


RANDY: In what way?


SPIRIT: You’re going to get cancer.


RANDY: You’re telling her she’s going to get cancer?




RANDY: How does that help you?


SPIRIT: If she starts thinking about it, it helps it to grow.


RANDY: She starts obsessing over the possibility?




RANDY: How does that help?


SPIRIT: We plant the seeds and she makes it grow.


RANDY: Her mere belief that she is going to get cancer causes it to grow?




We see here an attempt to push this woman into a negative state so that the seed of cancer would have energy to grow. It is not only the belief that you are going to get cancer that feeds a tumor, but any consistent participation in dark emotions such as anger, fear, worry, excessive stress, etc.


Years ago, I remember hearing about the scientific theory that people with excessive stress, experienced higher rates of cancer. Studies in recent years have shown that stress and worry lower immune function.


One study showed that the immune systems of a group of medical students showed diminished function at exam time. Natural killer T-cell activity and levels of interferon were both found do be lower during that period. Students were also found to have higher incidents of coughs and colds.


Dossey, Meaning and Medicine, 84


The American Psychological Association (APA) reports (based on a study conducted in 2002) that chronic stress not only can make you more susceptible to catching illnesses, but it can also affect the immune system's ability to respond to the anti-inflammatory signals, that are initiated by certain hormones. Based on this study, stress could be involved in the onset and/or progression of allergic, cardiovascular, autoimmune, infectious and rheumatologic diseases and conditions.


All of this revealed, I am aware that science has determined the physiological process behind cancer and other diseases, including the theories involving family and genetics.


I am not saying that I can place this spiritual process under a microscope and prove that possessing spirits are involved in the promotion of disease. Additionally, in no way am I saying that I believe all illness is caused by these influences. I am simply presenting my findings through this work, and leaving it to the reader to make their own determination.


A couple of final thoughts on the subject:


1) These spirits report that many diseases are established and/or promoted by oppressing spiritual influences.


2) They also report that you must either disempower or remove these dark influences in order to permanently overcome such sickness.



But Wait! There’s More!


This book would have to be published in many multiple volumes, before I could begin to catalogue all of the ways these spirits affect the living. Suffice to say, in addition to physical pain and disease, they can create, develop and manipulate any emotion to their advantage. It is important to note that they do not only manipulate emotion that is perceived as negative.


For example, they might make you overly prideful and you might believe that this is a good thing, because you think you are the greatest thing since the invention of the personal computer. Perhaps they encourage you to hand out lots of advice to others. You believe that it’s great advice and you think you are the wisest person since Gandhi, but in reality it is sending the recipient down the wrong path, the path that these spirits most likely want them to travel.


They are masters of deception and destruction, and unless we are in touch with the real source of truth and knowledge, any one of us can be deceived from one degree to another.

In a Nut Shell


These are the basics of spirit oppression. These are my findings. People have asked the question, "Even if these spirits are real, how do you know they're telling the truth about any of this?" My answer is simple. "Because when these spirits are identified, resisted and removed, people get better." So what is the remedy to this problem? How can a person go about overcoming this condition? How do you remove these spirits? All of the answers to these questions, and additional revelations on other ways these spirits are effecting all of us and society at large are contained in the balance of this book.


I come from a place of Christianity. That is my perspective. Learning about how these spirits operate has helped bring great clarity to my spiritual beliefs and the power that resides within them. There is currently a movement in the world to discredit and damage the reputation of Christianity. You will see that this is happening because Christianity if understood and properly applied, will in fact disempower these spirits and stop their dark and destructive march upon the family, upon society and upon the world.


The concept of temptation is a powerful yet somewhat vague teaching within Christianity. While many believe in the process, most don't have a clue concerning how darkness goes about tempting and negatively influencing the living. Well that's all about to change. If you have ever been confused in this area, your confusion is about to end.

The Next Step: The Science of Temptation

Next we examine "The Science of Temptation" If as a Christian you have ever wondered how Satan approaches, tempts and controls those that he attacks, this section should answer many of your questions.


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The Science of Temptation


Our next stop is the concept of being tempted. As a vague teaching within Christianity, it's time we learn  the mechanics of temptation.

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Spirit Oppression: 101


To defeat your enemy, you must first know your enemy. Your formal education on the works of the Devil continues here.

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