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The ESAT Session Explained - Part 1

As we begin to practice repentance and make a habit of identifying and resisting oppressing spirits and their  influence, a personal spiritual healing begins to take place.  Growing that healing and maintaining the ground that has been gained is the next challenge. If you do not have a plan that includes not only resisting but removing  dark spirits that are oppressing you from within your own personal spiritual countenance, then progressing forward let alone maintaining your progress may be difficult. Before Jesus sent his disciples out into the world to share his glad message of deliverance, he bestowed upon them certain spiritual gifts necessary to the task.

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In the beginning  of the 10th chapter of the book of Matthew we are told that:


Before Jesus sent his disciples out into the world to share his glad message of deliverance, he bestowed upon them certain spiritual gifts necessary to the task. In the beginning  of the 10th chapter of the book of Matthew we are told that:

...when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.


Again these abilities appeared to be very important to their calling as, we are taught that He bestowed them upon the apostles first; prior to giving them any instruction concerning their mission. Due to the order of the above verse, there is also a sense that the ability to remove dark spiritual influence might be necessary to heal certain physical conditions.


The casting out of unclean spirits and healing the sick had a couple of obvious purposes. One was publicity. As a result of such miracles, people came from far and wide to meet Jesus. This also tended to encourage these folks to pay attention to his message. The apostles would benefit from this phenomenon in their works as well. Of course another benefit of such miraculous works was simply the deliverance of those who suffered from the bondage of evil. Jesus and his disciples had a great desire to relieve the pain and anguish inflicted by darkness upon God's children. They probably also knew that lasting spiritual healing and progression was not possible as long as the most powerful of these oppressing spirits remained.


That was then…


Today we find ourselves in a much different world. As mentioned earlier, the thought of oppressing spirits interfering with the lives of humans in this more enlightened and advanced technological age is not reasonable, and the reason and credibility of anyone professing such a belief is usually brought into question.  This intimidating societal attitude has clearly affected most Christian churches as while many still give lip service to the concept of dark spiritual influence, most appear to have little inclination to directly do anything about it. While encouragement toward prayer, faith, devotion and good works is a powerful thing, few believe that directly confronting the issue is a priority.


Jesus taught in the book of Mark 16:17 that one of the key signs of someone who followed and believed in Him was a person who could remove oppressing spirits.  Now I'm not saying that in order to show true devotion to Jesus, you need to be walking around cleansing people of their dark spirits all day. But wouldn't you think that if Jesus made it such a valuable priority, there would be more people in the world today valuing and focusing upon this objective as well?


The ESAT process can remedy this deficiency by providing a peaceful and effective way to identify and remove oppressing spiritual influences. So whether you are religious or not, the ESAT process can fill this need. We have found that Jesus was right, in that this is a need that must be resolved if lasting spiritual growth is to be achieved.


Understanding the Process - Meet Lara


When most people think of removing an oppressing spirit from someone, they instantly have cinematic visions of tumultuous and violent exorcisms. While there are organizations and churches that participate in such works, this is not the nature of the ESAT process, and while we have had a handful of challenging experiences over the years, the great majority of ESAT sessions are powerful, peaceful, controlled spiritual experiences. In order to better understand the ESAT process, allow me to introduce you to Lara:


Lara  is a 40 year old, divorced mother of four. She is a successful real estate broker living in southern California. She was referred to me by a relative that had overcome a number of personal issues as a result of our work.  When Lara entered my office for her initial visit,  my first impression was that she seemed to be a confident person who presented herself very well. While she appeared to be very "put together", she also  came across as down to earth and relatable.


After  we had concluded the initial formalities, I inquired as to the reason for her visit. She got to the point directly, describing the many emotional and behavioral issues that were hidden behind her  self-assured demeanor. She confided that she was a leader not only in business but within her circle of friends. People seemed to be naturally drawn to her and tended to look up to her. While she liked this, at times she felt that some of the character flaws that she attempted to hide made her less worthy of such admiration.


She struggled with mind chatter and negative self-talk which was counter to the outwardly confident and positive demeanor that she tried to project. She also wrestled  with OCD tendencies and was a bit of a workaholic. Again while others admired her drive and determination, she felt like it had become an exhausting trait over which she had little control.


This particular tendency became quite obvious early in our first meeting. I give all of my new people an informational form to complete prior to our first session. While she was filling it out , in the interest of time, I pointed to a couple of sections that could be skipped if she so desired. There was little response to this encouragement as she clearly had to complete every line of the form before we could proceed.


She explained that her obsessive work ethic and drive had noticeably caused her children to take a back seat to many other more pressing priorities over the years. In an attempt to atone for her inattention, when she would eventually spend time with her kids, she tended to overcompensate and spoil them. This was also compounded by the fact that she shared custody with her ex-husband, which most often motivated her toward competing with him for the children's affection.  She told me that she had married a second time but that the marriage had also ended in divorce. The man was abusive and threatening and he continued to stalk her after the union had ended. In fact at the time, he was serving a jail sentence for breaking a restraining order that she had been forced to place against him. She had recently begun dating again but confided that she was very wary of entering romantic relationships as a result of her previous marriages. On a physical level she told me that she suffered from periodic bouts of chronic pain in her  head, neck, shoulders, and feet and that she had been recently experiencing what seemed to be an allergic itching on her face, and in her mouth and ears that at times kept her awake at night.


Eventually we wrapped up our conversation and ended the session with a blessing, to which she responded well. While she had some interesting visuals to report at its conclusion, she said that she felt more peaceful and at ease than she had in months.


When Lara returned for our next appointment, I decided that based on some of the visuals she had experienced during her blessing, we should explore her situation a little more deeply by way of an ESAT session. I had her sit in a recliner and we had a prayer together to open the session. Next I asked her to close her eyes and take some deep, even breaths. When she appeared to be a bit more relaxed, I began the ESAT induction.


The induction is a verbal progressive relaxation technique that encourages release of tension and stress from every major muscle group in the body. It is because of this stress and our preoccupation with the temporal world around us, that most of us cannot discern the dark spiritual interactions that are taking place daily in our lives. Once fully relaxed many can begin to separate these destructive promptings from their own inner dialogue and thoughts.  I was a little anxious in anticipation of whether she would relax enough to proceed since only about 2 out of every 3 people take to the process. Some appear to have difficulty relaxing enough to make this spiritual connection. Once I had concluded the induction, I proceeded to ask questions in an attempt to identify if dark spiritual influence was a the root of her many issues.


I was not disappointed as almost immediately she began hearing promptings that she knew were not her own. Lara quickly responded by relaying the words that she was hearing.  The first spirit that revealed itself  indicated that it was non-human and that it was a part of a group of three spirits.

When I identify a spirit, the first thing I do is take control of it. As discussed in the last chapter, we are given power over death and destructive oppressing spirits when we accept Jesus Christ and the power of His sacrifice into our lives. Everything I do in this work is under the power and authority of that promise. I don't really use canned blessings in this process but rather I stay in direct contact With God himself throughout each session.


I personally refer to God as Father and in the instance of binding spirits, I might say a short, simple prayer that goes something like this, " Father, I thank you for helping us find these three oppressing spirits that are hurting Lara, I ask you to bind them to Lara until I release them." Prior to my prayer the spirit was under the direction and control of Satan, now it is under my control with Father's help of course. It stays under my authority until I move it off of Lara.


So after I had bound these spirits, I asked that the most powerful of the three, the one with the most information, be brought forward. At this point I begin to ask questions in an attempt to understand how this spirit has been affecting Lara. The following is a portion of the transcript from that session:

RANDY: What's your assignment? 


SPIRIT: Keep her busy.


RANDY: You're keeping her busy?


SPIRIT: Yeah, I make her work.


RANDY: Explain work to me. How do you make her work?


SPIRIT: I keep her busy. I tell her she has value if she's working and she's worthless if she's not.


RANDY: You tell her she's worthless if she's not staying busy; correct?




RANDY: Now that should be a helpful thing in her life; shouldn't it be? Working? Nothing like a good day's work. How are you using that to a negative end?


SPIRIT: She's exhausted.


RANDY: You wear her out.




RANDY: What sort of things do you have her pursue? What kind of work?


SPIRIT: When she works, I tell her she is happy.


RANDY: Give me some examples of the type of work you motivate her toward.


SPIRIT: I put her in her yard. It's dark and I keep her working.


RANDY: Until it's late.


SPIRIT: So late!


RANDY: And this physically wears her out. Is that your aim?




RANDY: And how do you use that physical exhaustion?


SPIRIT: I keep her tired. I tell her she's tired.


RANDY: So how does that help you?


SPIRIT: She's too busy to help others.


RANDY: So you're keeping her occupied with busy work so that she can't fulfill her real duties and callings.




RANDY: So you're telling her that yard work and keeping the yard in good order is the priority?




RANDY: While I'm not saying she has this condition; does she have some obsessive-compulsive tendencies?




RANDY: And you are behind these OCD tendencies?




RANDY: She filled out a form for me earlier. Do you remember that?


SPIRIT: Yes (said chuckling and amused.)


RANDY: She couldn't stop until she filled in all of the lines. Who's causing that?


SPIRIT: That's my job. (Said proudly.)


RANDY: And you make her believe that all of this busy work is important and it gives her value?


SPIRIT: No that's not it. I tell her there is a penalty for not finishing what she starts.


RANDY: What's the penalty?


SPIRIT: That she's not liked by other people if she doesn't finish.


RANDY: So you make her believe that she won't be liked by others if she doesn't finish the yard.


SPIRIT: Not just the yard. In her business. With her children. If she starts something she must finish it and if she doesn't, she feels terrible... And I'M HAPPY!


RANDY: You are telling her that her self-worth is found in the accomplishment of these tasks.




RANDY: Is she looking toward getting praise from people? Is that what you're telling her to do?




RANDY: Talk about that.


SPIRIT: The harder she works, the more she's loved by others.


RANDY: And if she's loved by others; then what?


SPIRIT: Then she's somebody.


The power of the ESAT process is obvious here as we find the source of much of her uncontrollable drive and workaholism. Jesus' comparison to a yolk on our backs or being treated like beasts of burden is also revealed here.  Lara is being driven forward through a myriad of temporal tasks and duties without any say in the process.  We see that this spirit has held her self-worth and her very happiness hostage, in order to keep her moving in the directions of his choice. It's not uncommon to find such spirits with type A, overly driven and temporally motivated people. The conversation continues:


RANDY: There are two others with you. What do they do?


SPIRIT: They chatter. They just talk, talk, talk.


RANDY: So you're talking about keeping chatter in her mind?




RANDY: And this accomplishes what?


SPIRIT: Confusion.


RANDY: And you are trying to cause confusion to accomplish what?


SPIRIT: Keep her busy.


RANDY: What are you afraid she is going to do, if you don't keep her busy?


SPIRIT: Connect.


RANDY: Connect with what?


SPIRIT: The light.


RANDY: Bingo!


SPIRIT: Keep her small.


RANDY: So these chatterers are basically blocking the light and guidance coming from God. The light is the needle and they are the haystack; correct?




Here we find the apparent source of Lara's mind chatter. Creating mind chatter is one of the most common tasks that I find these spirits performing. It's designed to keep the mind in a constant state of confusion and to interfere with promptings and communication from God. I often find such spirits claiming that their sole purpose is to block God's guiding and healing light. Notice that their stated objective in stopping her from connecting with God and His light is to "keep her small." This is most likely a reference to her soul. When God's nourishing influence is blocked, the soul becomes weak and diminished.  This in turn gives these spirits greater dominance and control.


While spirits crow about their ability to block God's light from reaching the person that they are oppressing, the truth is they don't have the power and ability to accomplish this on their own. They must have the cooperation of the living to accomplish this feat. They must slowly distract us away from God and his light and shift our priorities in other directions. They must distract us with mind chatter and worry, or connect us to dark people and destructive activities and behaviors. Generally speaking, over time the more spirits that successfully oppress a person, the less opportunity there will be for God's light to reach them.


Next I shift the focus of conversation to her children.


RANDY: Let's talk about her children. What do you say about her children?


SPIRIT: Fix them! Their broken!


RANDY: How do you tell her they are broken?


SPIRIT: Give to them. Take care of them. Take care of everything! I want you to just take care of everything!


RANDY: What else are you telling her.


SPIRIT: I tell her to get busy and win them over.


RANDY: You tell her that she must do things to win all of the children's affection.




RANDY: What kind of things do you encourage her to do in order to win the children's affection?


SPIRIT: It's never enough. I tell her to keep them busy. Entertain them. Keep them busy. Take them everywhere. She's exhausted.


RANDY: So it adds another great pressure.


SPIRIT: It puts more burden on her.


RANDY: You don't want her raising these children. You want her trying to buy their affection; correct?




RANDY: So rather than raising them and disciplining them, she's going to be in a competition with her ex-husband?




RANDY: And that hurts the children; doesn't it?


SPIRIT: No they're happy.


RANDY: Yeah but they become easier for your kind to manipulate?




RANDY: They're less disciplined. Disciplined people are harder for your kind to access and control.




RANDY: She was really frustrated with her children today.


SPIRIT: We were busy today.


RANDY: What were you telling her today?


SPIRIT: I told her, take them here, take them there. It's not good enough.


RANDY: Nothing's ever good enough.


SPIRIT: It's never good enough!


RANDY: So every time she tries to do something good for them, you tell her it's not good enough, it doesn't measure up.


SPIRIT: They don't like it.


RANDY: They didn't enjoy it.


SPIRIT: I told her.


RANDY: She's not competing well with her ex; is that what you tell her?




RANDY: Is there any truth in any of this? Do you have any facts that prove that these children like their father more than their mother?


SPIRIT: No (said in a hesitant and defeated tone.)


RANDY: It's all lies; correct?




RANDY: Because that's what you do. That's your job.




In addition to managing when Lara would interact with her children, this spirit had also taken over the manner in which she raised them. Instead of steady and consistent child care, this entity had Lara operating on a pendulum of guilt. Distracting her away from balanced and complete motherhood, by pointing her to business and a myriad of pointless personal tasks. All the while slowly punishing her with shame as a result of her neglect, the very neglect that he was inspiring. Once she would get around to spending time with her kids, this spirit would encourage her to try to quickly atone for her absence by smothering them with fun activities and excessive attention. One of his objectives was to spoil them and make them easier for his kind to control on a spiritual level as they matured.


People often ask me why we spend so much time and effort conversing with theses spirits, instead of just getting rid of them immediately. We do this for a number of reasons. First, it is helpful to know who we have found and how they are affecting the person, if we are to gain some level of assurance that we are at the root of a given problem. Next we converse with these spirits because they are a wealth of information concerning how other spirits are oppressing a person. Over a series of sessions we can reveal and remove a large portion of the total dark spiritual structure as a result of this intelligence. Finally, these conversations help the person being worked with to gain greater belief in the concept of spirit oppression. They also help them understand areas of weakness in their character, and the attitudes, activities and people in their lives through which these spirits gain access and control.


Another question that is often asked is concerning the willingness of these spirits to share so much information. Why are they so eager to cooperate? Again there are multiple answers to this question. Most of the time, once these spirits are bound or captured, they appear somewhat disoriented. After all, they have never really been directly challenged since most humans have at best, only passively resisted them. Since they have previously believed that only the power of darkness could control and persuade them, many appear intimidated by the process. Some on the other hand seem to relish in the opportunity to crow over their successes and to boast about the control they have over their host victims.


That said, the truth is that not all of theses entities are so happy to cooperate. Those that are more powerful and in positions of authority will fight to the bitter end. Usually there is little that you can do to motivate such spirits to get on board, but this can actually work to the benefit of the ESAT process at times. Once I have given them the chance to surrender and they have declined, I will usually remove them and place them into the control of angelic figures that assist in this work. This tends to motivate other dark spirits residing with the person to cooperate. When they see dark spirits that are stronger than themselves being removed, they figure that they don't stand much of a chance. And last but certainly not least, the power of Jesus Christ most definitely plays a role in this phenomena.


Once I had finished conversing with this spirit it was time to move him and his two cohorts off of Lara. I do this by saying another prayer and asking Father to send angels of light to remove the spirits and take them from this Earth plane, at which point I transfer them into their custody. This is a smooth and peaceful process during which Lara experienced no harm or discomfort.


After the session had ended, it was enjoyable witnessing Lara's initial reaction to the results of the work as she excitedly proclaimed, “I feel like a new person!” “I feel like doing a little jig!” “Oh my gosh, I feel so good.” As she was leaving she said that she felt lighter, almost like she had lost weight. While not everyone that goes through this process expresses the desire to dance at its completion, many literally feel as if a weight or burden has been lifted from their shoulders. It is also not uncommon for them to experience the feeling that they are becoming a new person. One of the reasons  this happens is that as Father removes dark spiritual burden from a person, their soul begins to be revealed. The soul has literally been in captivity and to an extent, under the control of darkness. As their soul is slowly released from that bondage, they begin to become reacquainted with the person who God sent them to be . 

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