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The Inhuman Demonic Factor

In the opening chapter, I told of a lady named Linda and a very vivid initial encounter that we had with a dark non-human spirit. Linda was very spiritually sensitive and took to the ESAT process seamlessly. We had a lot of interesting experiences during our first few months using the ESAT process as a result of Linda's sessions. During one of these early sessions, we encountered another fascinating spiritual phenomenon. We found with her a spirit named Frank who claimed to be human and to have lived before. The following is Franks story:

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Frank was a very self-involved guy. Since he tended to be angry and cynical by nature, you probably wouldn't call him a man of great character. He had little belief, let alone interest in God or religion. After an evening of drinking at his favorite bar, Frank accidentally killed himself in a single car accident. At first he did not realize that he had died, so he fled the scene of the accident and his car, fearing that the police would arrest him for drunk driving. After hiding for a time, his curiosity drew him back to the accident scene.


Soon he faced the terrifying reality that there in the driver’s seat of his car, sat a still, lifeless body. As he moved closer, he recognized that body as his own. Confused and immersed in fear, Frank returned to the bar, and the very bar stool, where he had spent happier times earlier that evening. Fear turned to frustration when everyone seemingly ignored him. Frustration quickly turned to outrage when another customer literally sat on Frank.


He fled the drinking establishment and began to aimlessly travel the streets. He didn’t know how long he had been wandering, hours, perhaps days. It seemed to Frank, at least for him, that time itself had come to a standstill. As he continued to roam, he found himself in a local grocery store. As he wandered the aisles contemplating his conundrum, he looked up and found himself starring into the eyes of a man wearing a dark suit. The man spoke directly to him, calling him by name.

 The man told Frank that he knew that he was lost and lonely. He then offered to help him regain a body so that he could continue to live. He pointed out a female shopper in the store and showed Frank how to attach to her. That woman was Linda.

The only thing the man asked for in return was that Frank try to slow Linda down, try to make her angry, and to urge her to drink.

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Frank was a lost spirit, he wasn't a hardened criminal or anything like that in life, but he was very selfish and disconnected from any positive spiritual source. Focused solely on the temporal in life, in death he had no interest in moving back to the spirit world, but clung desperately to this physical sphere.


This “Twilight Zone-esk” story brings all of our players together. We have Linda the living person and Frank the earthbound spirit, and the man in the black suit is of course a non-human spirit. As Frank wandered the earth weighted down by his temporal desires, in search of a way to continue to fulfill them, this dark spirit approached him with a carrot at the end of a stick.


This is not an uncommon scenario as I have since come across similar situations quite often. Time and time again as I interview earthbound attached spirits, they tell of being approached by someone offering to help them. While this help is proffered in various forms, the majority of the time these demonic beings propose to help them live again, and this always involves attaching to a living person.


Living in this physical world, most of us are “one dimensional thinkers” at best. I definitely fit into this mold, as when I heard about non-human spirits appearing before human spirits wearing dark suits, I wondered if there was an evil haberdasher supplying these dark apparitions with semi-formal wear. One day I finally realized that they were appearing to some human spirits in dark suits, because it gave then an air of authority and respectability which tended to motivated their victims to cooperate. As more and more of these stories surfaced, I found that these non-humans could appear in just about any form that might deceive an earthbound human soul.

There’s Still a Monkey on Your Back


If you have false spirits connected to you in life, they will continue to be with you in death. In fact almost all of the earthbound human spirits I have found through the ESAT process still have possessing non-human spirits with them. It's interesting that the Bible records there are two kinds of oppressing spirits, demons and unclean spirits. Biblical scholars have debated the meaning of these two classifications and without any relevant information to separate them, most have come to the consensus that they are both interchangeable labels for non-human spirits. As a result of our experiences, the meaning of these two classifications becomes crystal clear. The term demon of course relates to non-human spirits while the term unclean spirit is a simple description of earthbound human spirits. This label brilliantly diagnoses the reason why they are earthbound. They are unclean spirits because destructive non-human spirits remain blended with them in death.


While some like Frank in the grocery store are outwardly approached by dark spirits after death, most are not. The majority unknowingly continue to be guided by the promptings of dark non-humans they obeyed in life. In fact I believe the overriding reason that humans stay earthbound is because they have oppressing spirits with them at the time of their death. In addition to this, I believe that human spirits rarely attach to the living without the help or promptings of non-human entities. If you had oppressing spirits in life and you followed their promptings heavily as a guide for your actions during your earthly journey, you will most likely continue to listen to, and follow their guidance in death, again thinking that it is your own trusted inner voice.


So if you were a workaholic and chronically competitive in life and you stay earthbound in order to continue to pursue these passions, remember, that same spirit in life that was pushing you to make work through your extreme competitive nature a priority, will be pushing you to find a way to continue to do the same on the earthly spirit plane. Of course this you will only be able to do by inspiring another poor unsuspecting slob to such behaviors through spirit oppression.


When I first learned of this concept my one dimensional mind kicked into gear again. I thought “Well if I stay earthbound and I am a spirit and the spirits that are still oppressing me are spirits too, I will finally be able to see them and I will no longer follow their direction”. Nice try Randy, but that’s not how it works. You will see what you are allowed to see. These spirits have the ability to conceal their presence even in death. Like a poodle on a leash, you will probably follow the guiding hand of your master, just as you most likely did in life.


Does this mean that everyone that has oppressing spirits with them at death stays earthbound? Absolutely not! You can have false spirits around you and choose not to obey their influence in life. These people have probably followed more of the positive guidance from God throughout their lives. As a result, when they die, they continue to follow His guidance and go directly to the spirit world, or they follow a true escort that has been sent to guide them home.

Beasts of Burden


But why are human spirits such a desired commodity in the non-human realm? The answer is simple. These earthbound humans are used quite heavily by non-humans, as powerful tools to destroy the living. As was discussed in the previous chapter, dark non-human spirits do not relate to the living, and we do not initially relate to them.


Since they have never had bodies or have operated emotionally or mentally as humans, they are not efficient in their affect on the living. If non-humans are attached to the living for years and even decades, the host eventually begins to relate to their influence, but initially there is usually much less impact.


On the other hand, we relate quite well to the promptings from human spirits. We sympathize with their thoughts and feelings, and their influence is familiar. So if a non-human spirit is successful in deceiving a human spirit, and then succeeds in attaching that spirit to a living person, it can then send its destructive promptings through the earthbound human spirit.


For example, a living woman who has a female human spirit with her, is likely to think that said oppressing spirit is her own inner voice, and will usually in turn follow it. So a non-human spirit can proceed to do its work through this human mouth piece much more effectively.


I liken these subservient human spirits to livestock. Back in the 1800’s before the advent of modern mechanical tractors, farmers used horse or ox-drawn plows that were guided by hand. If a farmer did not have livestock for this task, it was not unheard of for men to place the plow yoke on their own backs, in order to pull the plows blade. Of course this was next to impossible and very inefficient. Much more could be accomplished, in a shorter amount of time, by using livestock. In the spirit realm here on this earth, earthbound human spirits are the beasts of burden used to more efficiently accomplish the destructive work of non-human entities.


Once human spirits are attached to a living host, it is almost impossible for them to detach on their own, so they become, for all intents and purposes, prisoners. Over time the once seemingly helpful non-human entities become demanding and abusive, turning the human attachments into slaves.

Is There Any Hope?


When learning of the earthbound human phenomenon, many experience heartfelt concern for those that have passed and find themselves in this afterlife condition. Is there any hope for those who have died and for whatever reason stayed earthbound? Again, George Ritchie's experience sheds some light on this mystery. After leaving the scene at the bar and grill, he was taken to witness the greater earth plane and the state of many earthbound spirits. In addition to those he saw attempting to pursue their earthly passions by working to join with living humans, he witnessed multitudes of free roaming spirits upon the earth. He recounts seeing mobs of human spirits that endlessly bickered and competed with one another, locked into habits of mind and emotion—into hatred, lust, destructive thought-patterns. He described them as the most frustrated, the angriest, the most completely miserable beings he had ever seen. They not only verbally contended but many attempted to assault one another in the most violent and vile fashions imaginable. Of course since they were spirits, they were never actually successful in their attacks but this didn't seem to deter them from their reprehensible pursuits.


As he studied this frightening spectacle, he noticed something else about the situation; something that most likely gave him great comfort and hope. In his own words he explains:


"Gradually I was becoming aware that there was something else, that entire unhappy plane was hovered over by Beings seemingly made of Light. I could see that these immense presences were bending over the little creatures on the plane. Were these bright beings angels?


I clearly saw that not one of these bickering beings on the plane had been abandoned. They were being attended, watched over, ministered to, and not one of them knew it. There was no pause in the stream of rancor coming from their hearts—their eyes sought only some nearby figure to humiliate."


"It would have seemed to me impossible not to be aware of the most striking features of that whole landscape—the huge beings made of light. In fact, now that I had become aware of these bright presences, I realized with bewilderment that I’d been seeing them all along.


Angels had crowded the living cities and towns we had visited—they had been present in the street, the factories, the homes, even in that raucous bar."


In our work we have discovered this to be true. God does not give up on humans that are lost or rather imprisoned by their association with darkness, but he keeps trying to reach out to and watch over them. In fact it appears that this level of existence after death is much like a prison. Although they are not like prisoners in the civilized penal systems with which most of us are familiar, but they are more like prisoners of war. Much like the Nazis of WWII used their prisoners as slave labor to build their war machine, often earthbound human spirits are used to advance destructive purposes against the living.


The apostle Peter makes reference to such a prison when he reveals in the Book of Peter 1:19 that Jesus ministered unto such spiritual prisoners after his crucifixion. He writes:


By which also he [Jesus] went and preached unto the spirits in prison;


Again while many scholars have had to perform back-flips of reason and logic to explain this passage, as most do not believe there is any hope for those in such a purgatory, the actual explanation is quite simple and hope-filled. Just like the angels that George Ritchie saw hovering over the earthbound dead, it appears that Jesus reached out to these lost souls after his death.


As mentioned, some in the Christian community believe that this concept is not Biblically sound. They believe that if you do not except Christ prior to your death, you are destined to an eternity in Hell devoid of any hope of deliverance. Now I'm not saying that these earthbound humans if delivered through angelic assistance, will receive all of the same blessings as those who were faithful in life, because frankly I just don't know. What I am saying is that I find these spirits with people all of the time and during these sessions, quite often angels come to help them make the transition to the other side, the transition that they should have made at death. Not every spirit that we find readily agrees to go. We have to spend time with them, helping them to understand their earthbound state and the temporal drives and concerns that are keeping them here. We also show them the dark spiritual influences that are still with them, after which with God's assistance, we remove them. While some human spirits who are truly dedicated to destructive works resist, at this point most happily agree to leave. I don't know how Biblically correct this process is but it does align perfectly with one concept that I know by heart... the true character of God. The God that I know and love would never give up on anyone.


Unfortunately when it comes to communication with his children here on Earth, God faces the same challenge in death as he does in life. Many of us are more familiar with the promptings of darkness and less familiar with the sound of His voice, so we continue to ignore Him in death as we did in life. Focus upon self and the values and concerns of this world not only cause us to be taken prisoner by darkness but it prevents our release, as it serves to block Gods liberating and freeing light.


George Ritchie came to a similar conclusion as he pondered the state of these spirits:


"I realized that there was a common denominator to all these scenes so far:


Whether it was a physical appetite, an earthly concern, or an absorption with self, whatever got in the way of His Light, created the separation."


This is the common denominator whether you are alive or an earthbound spirit.


He realized that it was not God's will that any one of them should be in that place. It was not God who had abandoned them, but they who had fled from the Light that showed them their darkness.

The Truth About Spirit Prison


The concept of this spiritual side of our world as a “spirit prison” comes into focus when you consider the following:


1) Those that remain earthbound are usually separated from family and friends, both on the physical plane here on earth, and from those that have died previously, who are now existing on the higher spiritual plane.


2) If they become blended with a living human through the promptings of a non-human spirit, they become further incarcerated through that attachment.


3) Akin to forced prison labor, they are pushed and prodded and coerced into doing the destructive work of dark spirits against the living.


4) They are cut off by their environment (not by God) from the spiritual light that is sent by their Creator, which is necessary for health, happiness and progress. Since the physical body is an important tool for the reception of this light on this earth, they no longer can efficiently receive it and the affect is devastating.


The concepts of Heaven and Hell always confused me as a child, as even at a young age I perceived that Hell must be much like a prison. I pictured that these two locations were set up to reward those that were good and (as with earthly prisons) to punish those that had been bad. I recall having an uneasy feeling about this belief. I was taught that God was kind and loving so I wondered why he would set up and run a prison.


As I have done ESAT work over the years, my definition and understanding of this concept has broadened. I now know that God has not set up a prison and does not punish human spirits, or force them to do things against their will. In fact I have found that the jailers and the punishers are these dark non-humans, and their network of cohorts. God in fact is the one constantly extending the hand of help, in an attempt to assist us in overcoming their influence in life, and their snares in death.

Getting the Point


The point of the human / non-human connection is impact. It is one thing to prompt a living person towards a particular negative behavior, but it is all together another thing to place a powerful craving for that behavior within the individual.


If non-humans have been sent to push a person towards alcohol abuse, their best bet is to place an earthbound human spirit with them that was an alcoholic in life. Once placed, the non-humans will begin to increase and manipulate the cravings within the attached spirit, in turn causing a palpable drive within the living host. Replace alcoholism with any mental or emotional issue or addiction, and I think you’ll get the point.

The Next Step: Vigilance: Becoming Aware

Next we focus on,"Vigilance: Becoming Aware". One of the most important ways we can to curtail the advances of evil, is to become aware and then vigilant of the tactics and patterns that are used in our daily lives.

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Becoming Aware


Vigilance is critical in combating demonic approaches. We must stay aware of their tactics and patterns within our daily lives.

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Spirit Oppression: 101

To defeat your enemy, you must first know your enemy. Your formal education on the works of the Devil continues here.

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